Women’s Physique of Venice Beach

Women’s Physique of Venice Beach. This competition took place at Muscle Beach on July 4, 2016. This was filmed in 4K. Enjoy.

Music used:
1) Sexergetic by Machinimasound.com


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13 Responses

  1. hellrazor117 says:

    Blonde was too soft looking. Left Mohawk best condition on stage, but Fauxhawk had the best posing form.

  2. mensa517 says:

    Mohawk was the clear winner, blonde could have won if she had the cuts considering she looked to be a heavy weight

  3. Fred Gardner says:

    look good. feminine still. iris kyle is a man.

  4. Tattooed low rent trailer trash dudes.

  5. Please post the figure women.

  6. KongLuvs says:

    Physigue is always a shit show. I think I'm much more into the bikini competitors. I still gave you a thumbs-up though. It's cool that you film this kind of stuff for the channel.

  7. my vote goes for the blue bikini girl, though they can all get tha D

  8. Where was Brit Gonzales this year?

  9. hakime666 says:

    The blonde was the best looking one

  10. Mohawk chick had a nice back, chick in the middle is my pick,blond forgot to cut!

  11. uy97 says:

    these women look nasty shemales

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