5 Minute Fat Burning Bikini Workout #83

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41 Responses

  1. Jude Hiri says:

    ummm very advanced exercises here …will look at your channel see if you have a series for beginners….
    I admire your dedication …definitely paid off for you 🙂

  2. popapopas says:

    This girl appears to have less than 5% body fat, which is too dangerous for the health of a woman.

  3. Düz Adam says:

    This workout pushes even you to the limit.So for an ordinary person it is impossible to do that workout.

  4. You are gorgeous! This excesice made me sweat!

  5. exercising on your tiptoes will create you a fine hallux valgus.

  6. Do these exercises only work in a blue bikini or can I wear other colours?

  7. Thank you for dedicating your time to these workouts on YouTube and your website. I'm really pushing myself to do them everyday and eat healthy. I love you!

  8. carmello12 says:

    This must be a friends backyard that she uses. nice back drop and consistent. she can setup tripod and doesnt have to coordinate schedule.

  9. Dan says:

    I have been following your program for some time now and only my right biceps has developed.

  10. Me encanta!!y m guastari saber a cerca del precalentamiento y la frecuencia con la cual favorece hacer estos ejercicios??!

  11. I Watch all your vidéos so very gréât waouh i m french woman and i would like one day to meet you to do This sport together;)

  12. claaat says:

    You have an amazingly toned body, Are you on a strict diet with your exercise. I would say perfect body. Keep the good work.

  13. Zuzana I finally found you. I missed your workouts. I have been following you for years. Sorry to hear about your split. You look great. Now let's workout. Chow!

  14. You have the most beautiful muscle definition I've ever seen! It's perfection! Thank you for being such an inspiration.

  15. I like your accent…. forwaered! baeck! forwaered! baeck!

  16. can you put the programme by franch language tanks

  17. Leila star says:

    your Body is wonderful😍😍

  18. SAIRA SHAIKH says:

    Great workout ! I am following your videos daily

  19. Nice! I can mix some of those exercises and use them in the gym. Keep it up!

  20. Lena HJ Song says:

    How many workout routines do you do at one time?? Your body is absolutely amazing!

  21. your awesome!
    Just discovered you and your story love everything you do!!!!

  22. Hi Zuzka! I've been following you since the beginning of 2012. Thank you so much for sharing your awesome workouts with us. Your an inspirational person. Thank you for being you 🙂

  23. Darth J says:

    Your body is fricken perfect. There's nothing sexier than a lean strong woman.

  24. Clan Reid says:

    Zuzka, you must do weight training a lot to be full muscle……..your workouts posted will help but not as much as training with weights? Why don't u post your real routines?…….i would love it!🤗

  25. 5964ibra says:

    Hey Zuzka, wow you have really come a long way.I used to be a big fan of bodyrock many years ago because of you and stopped following it when you left. I always wondered you'd been up to since I knew you would definitely continue your passion. Really proud of you!!

  26. alliecravulz says:

    new fan here! thanks for the great workouts and positive energy! 🙂

  27. hello, can you help me to learn how to do a pistol squat or one leg squat,please?

  28. It is a pleasure to see you whith that vigor , you'll always be my WONDER WOMAN , kisses

  29. That's a sweet camera you are using.

  30. Hana A says:

    I never workout guide me to the right way to start. .I'm in need of a new life. .please help me out 😢..sorry for my English. .I don't speak English often. you are looking great. .you are one of the most incredible body trainer. I mean your body looks like a figure of beauty 😢

  31. Nicole Sweet says:

    Do you have any exercises that are more attainable ?

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