The Bikini Body Workout You Can Do In A Bikini!

Today you’re going to learn the best bikini workout that you can do right at the pool or the beach, in your bikini!

Fitness expert Alycia Darby has come up with six easy exercises you can do in your bikini, and you don’t even need to step foot in a gym. The entire workout is based around doing as little movement as possible while still sculpting and toning your muscles.

Have fun getting your bikini bod in bikini shape this summer!

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17 Responses

  1. Tan Ming says:

    Rather they workout naked and I'll work out with them till all of us shag out:)

  2. JJ K says:

    Why am-I watching a beauty channel? Oh wait!

  3. Kindafreakyy says:

    Loving this, due to health issues I can't be too active during workouts and I've been looking everywhere for ways to still train my muscles but not exhaust myself too much. Like my heartrate can't get too high. Thanks for This!

  4. How old is the fitness expert? She looks kinda old…

  5. Hanna Marie says:

    why are y'all's feet so pale?

  6. I would love to lick every inch of Jessica's body.

  7. Gin Amber says:

    GREAT VIDEO, would love to see updates 🙂

  8. Son muy lindas ambas, pero a la rubia le doy por todos lados

  9. Cool workout.  Put on the bikini, do the workout, & go!  Thanks

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