Paris Hilton flaunts flawless figure in sexy bikini shoot

Paris Hilton is dishing advice on men — and she should know after finding herself a keeper.In a new interview for Galore Magazine, the 36-year-old passed on some words of wisdom, as well as posing for some sexy bikini shots.’My best advice would be for girls to respect themselves and know that a guy always wants what he can’t get,’ she replied when asked what she would advise girls dating in their 20s.’So I would advise them to be confident and know they deserve the best and to not let anyone take advantage of them. ‘The hotel heiress has been head over heels since she began dating actor Chris Zylka earlier this year; she revealed that she knew he might be ‘the one’ from their very first date.’On our first date he came over to my house. We stayed up all night talking & getting to know each other,’ she said.’When we had our first kiss I felt that electric feeling and knew there was something special about him.’For the first time, it feels so right,’ she continued. ‘He’s perfect for me. He’s my best friend, so loyal, kind, caring and sweet.’He has such a big heart, I trust him with my life and know he would never hurt me. I’m so proud to let the world know he’s mine and I’m his.’The Simple Life star insisted her beau was not at all intimidated by her success as a multifaceted businesswoman, or the empire she has created for herself.’Most guys would be intimidated by something like that, but Chris is not like that at all,’ she said. ‘He is so proud and supportive of me and lets me know every single day. He is always there for me & I feel so blessed to have a man like this in my life.’She credits her own parents longstanding relationship as an inspiration for her to find something similar.’My mom always taught me to respect myself and find someone who loves me for me and no other reason. Someone that I can trust implicitly,’ she revealed.’My mom and dad have been together since they were teenagers. Their relationship has always been such a huge inspiration to me. Chris reminds me a lot like my dad, they are both sure genuine pure souls,’ she added.As the highest paid female DJ in the world, with a hugely successful fashion and fragrance line, and a perennial staple on the social scene, the blonde beauty revealed that quiet days at home are her ideal date.’For work, I have to be out and be social all the time. So in my private time, I would much rather be at home in bed watching TV with my boyfriend & puppies then out at a club,’ she claimed.’Actually my favorite thing to do is to be at home with him. He is my best friend and we always have the most amazing time together.’We have fun no matter what we do. But my ideal day would be having a day off from work, sleeping in. Then cooking a big breakfast and hanging out at the house with our pets.’Then going to Disneyland to go on all the rides. We are both kids at heart so we love doing things like that,’ she added.Paris also revealed she is ready to have children with the Leftovers star.’I can’t wait for that day! Just seeing how happy Lily-Grace makes my sister makes me want them even more,’ she said.’I know I will be the best mom!’On Wednesday Hilton spun at Galore and Juicy Couture’s afterparty following their NYFW show.

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