Bikini Model Alexis Shows Pre-Trip Inspection On A Semi 18 Wheeler prt 1

Alexis Demonstrates the Pre-Trip Inspection on a semi 18 Wheeler (part 1)

Watch Part 2 Here:

Watch Part 3 Here:

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44 Responses

  1. alphadooggs says:

    Awesome. Should have a disclaimer… to learn please look away while listening. She is cute tho.

  2. She didn't mention minimum tread depth on the steer tires (4/32" on the steers and 2/32" on the drives) that's a FAIL

  3. titanium says:

    wtf where to look on her or the truck fking stupid

  4. Now this is a pre trip inspection

  5. Alexei Rogue says:

    Interesting Concept thanks for the share #GodBlessAmerica

  6. Actually , not bad . She said something important and that was   describe 3 (three) problems . that statement alone will help in the moment of brain lock. Also loved the bloopers the shadow at hood lifting plus using 1 finger . great . gonna sub. so I can watch repeatedly until I learn to remember. thanks

  7. what did she say …? all what i can see , its blue color <///>

  8. Ray says:

    You've got to be fucking kidding.

  9. Learned absolutely nothing!!! I was too distracted!!😂😐😂

  10. get that stupid ring out of your nose

  11. Locksmith says:

    😁😲😍😄🇺🇸🚛👏👋👍🙌 ахах, так вот от куда столько подписчиков !😎


  13. john sword says:

    I only came here for the girl. The hell with rig.

  14. Didn't learn a damn thing……lol

  15. She is breathtakingly beautiful

  16. that was the alternator and she didn't mention there shouldn't be more then a quarter in of play she missed abunch

  17. George J93 says:

    i just noticed my fluids are out of control, DAMN

  18. all trucking companies should use this for training so that drivers PAY ATTENTION 😀

  19. J AMIE says:

    Lmao she looks so awkward

  20. Anyone know where to find more videos of her?

  21. These nuts wont be missing they will be right where they are supposed to be lol

  22. At least the inspector had proper gloves at several points of the process.

  23. visita meu canal se gosta curte e se inscreve e se puder compartilhar isso me ajuda muito obrigado..

  24. O. G. says:

    and what's with the bikini?? I don't understand??

  25. Discover these key load decision tools for both Professional Divers and Owner Operators!

  26. Andy Manap says:

    I know you sexy babe, please wear a clothes, safety first baby…….

  27. Pretty cornbinder, like Alexis' brake shoes, both of them.

  28. waqaqrshah says:

    crack head bitch.Have some respect

  29. Bill Kendich says:

    Quite appropriate choice of clothes, yeah. Oh, I get it- clickbait.

  30. How much did you pay this lot lizard to do this video and did you fuck her in that 9400 the people wanna know

  31. Bull Bhutt says:

    She's pretty but those tattoos are just awful. When I was a young man only sailors and convicts had tattoos.

  32. anybody notice what make of truck that was

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