【M M D ll The Unknown】◤• Elizabeth’s Bikini – Baby Maniacs •◥【Model Dl】

Do not reupload my videos without permission. People who ignore this threaten to have their videos or even their accounts taken down. This goes for Youtube or any other website.

未经许可不得重新上传我的视频。 忽视这个威胁的人会把他们的视频甚至是他们的帐户关掉。 这适用于Youtube或任何其他网站

If you see a part from a model that originally has a rule to not edit it, please ask me first if I have permission rather than assume I stole it. I try to credit for everything unless I cannot find it again. If anyone wishes to speak to me about it, please message me. Comments about this or anything negative are automatically deleted by Youtube.

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🔥 Credits

🔥 Motion: (Any motions made by me can be found here http://leondiablos.deviantart.com/gallery/58961230/Motion-Dl)

Baby Maniacs: jmccmy

Camera : coo.c

🔥 Stages: http://seiga.nicovideo.jp/seiga/im5698678

🔥 Models: (Any models made by me can be found here http://leondiablos.deviantart.com/gallery/58961249/Model-Dl)

Leon and Aeros by me

Elizabeth’s Bikini: https://ethan-leondiablos.deviantart.com/art/Elizabeth-s-Bikini-Model-Dl-706958485

🔥 Effects:

🔥 Music: Baby Maniacs

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