Steaming Hot Bikini Models do a Side Position to North South Position

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When one fighter is lying atop another fighter, controlling his upper body, he is said to be in “side-control” or the “cross-side” position. This is a dominant position for the top fighter who has a number of options including various strikes and submissions. As with the mount, the bottom man has little offense or defense from this position, and his best option is to either recompose the guard, reverse the position, or escape entirely.

Cat and Amanda Evans (playboy model) are 2 beautiful models who life in Los Angles California and Florida. We spend out time working out modeling, and spending time with friends and family. Please SUBSCRIBE to watch out fitness workout each day on

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Cat & Amanda

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23 Responses

  1. nuck chorris says:

    I'm sure you were looking for porn…move on

  2. Sam Jelfo says:

    you wanna show that move on me?

  3. Fameus says:

    I'd give Catt Miller the hardest 30 second pounding of her life.

  4. @Roguerezz Watch some old PRIDE FC fighs. The guys would get north south position and then deliver brutal knees to their opoonents heads.

  5. Ross Pearson says:

    Now thts the kinda sparing partners you want to be rolling around getting sweaty with 😉

  6. Hector Leon says:

    Okay,okay…i did not get it…i think you both need to come to Cali and personaly show me..and sorry i`m a SLOOOOW learner…so we may have to practice Alot…

  7. Dem0nz890 says:

    oh shit…thats what im talkin about….

  8. AngelsFury69 says:

    i would steal her purse on purpose just so she could that to me

  9. amf etamin says:

    Swear to god thats tila tequila! LOOKS LIKE HER SOOOOOOOO MUCH.

  10. bobd1720 says:

    Can I see them in a REAL fight please.

  11. @Roguerezz hell yea this shit wud fuck if you have someone in side control they start to squirm out you can go to north south to hold them down i do this shit all the time

  12. JTL _ says:

    and they say bjj and mma isn't sexual… riiiiiiiiiight.

  13. TubeHax says:

    wow i never subscribed to a channel this fast. is just like magic, just better.

  14. xshadw says:


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