Bikini Model Gets Taken Out by Rogue Wave

I was doing a bikini shoot with this model when a rogue wave came out of nowhere and almost washed us away. The model was a super good sport about it and none of the equipment was damaged. I just had to replace a fuse in my power pack. thanks for watching 🙂

Equipment info.
Camera – Nikon D3s
Strobe – Alien Bee 1600
Softbox – Paul Buff 36 Softbox
Power Pack , Paul C Buff Vagabond 2
Remote – Pocket Wizard Plus 2
Video – Shot with an HD Flip
Video Editing – iMovie

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10 Responses

  1. Happy Girl says:

    What a jerk! The guy gets out of the water without checking in on the girl and than goes and get his equipment. Not cool.

  2. looks like a perfect ending to me lol

  3. Ian Craft says:

    Guy was like, save the equipment she'll probably float!

  4. Stacy Kenyon says:

    Could see you making the quick decision of what was worth saving first, light and power pack or the camera recording.

  5. No Ones Hero says:

    How do you run away and leave your equipment behind over a little wave?? Smh… all I heard in my head was.. F this im out!!

  6. Chris Cheek says:

    Nice shot..Hope you did not lose your Battery

  7. gyanuzzo la modelo no daña si se moja jajjaja

  8. Rob Neal says:

    Great shot. Hope the gear survived.

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