IFBB Bikini Fitness Athlete | Competition

IFBB Bikini Fitness Athlete, IFBB Bikini Fitness Competition
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IFBB Bikini Fitness Athlete

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48 Responses

  1. A2EJ says:

    La numero 12 necesita practicar sus poses.

  2. R. L. says:

    czech woman is most beautiful in worlds

  3. deez723 says:

    Number 1 in my book! Greetings from Australia! 😉

  4. Czech, you gave those girls a lot of competition. you are awesome. I think you were the best.

  5. DajjaD says:

    we know Pat you only like guy, your as fruity as your picture, any man knows ALL boobs rule fake or not

  6. I believe you can finish higher and why not 1st place? You certainly have the looks, it is only a matter of how much work you are willing to put.

  7. Doot Derman says:

    You and #62 are the two best, in my opinion. I like Brunettes, but don't get me wrong; you are strikingly amazing! Great job.

  8. Thanks! I was doing a lot of squats but mostly high intensity with many reps. I have to add heavy weight now! Next time you will see me it will be big improvement! haha!

  9. Thank you! Have a fantastic weekend!

  10. Thanks! I was placed in 4th place. I was happy. I will train harder… and let's see next time!

  11. lol! yes! My second competition. I was nervous. I will post video from final soon.

  12. Thank you! There is a lot of place for improvement. I am excited about training for my next competition.

  13. haha! Thank you very much from Macho Doll with Monster biceps.

  14. Thank you very much! It was fantastic experience.

  15. Thank you. All girls were in great shape.

  16. Thanks from Czech Fitness Girl!

  17. Thank you very much but I know I need to work on my lower body! lol! I will train harder now for next competition.

  18. omac2001 says:

    greatest ass i've seen!! No need to workout…you are number 1 in my book in any competition!

  19. wetsuit5 says:

    The animation for the locomotion is pretty funny.

  20. evan c says:

    you should have won that..i think you look the best in that group..definitely the prettiest..nicest body and big boobs too…good job

  21. To answer the question:
    Yes, I like fit girls, specially if they have big breasts.

  22. Oblomovs1 says:

    this is the hottest fitness competition I have seen, all you babes were amazing and I loved the way you babes shook your perfect bodies; and all of the babes had great asses; Simona you look amazing, your ass and legs are perfect and your titties are fantastic; I am sure you will do well in your competitions baby

  23. I don't know what place you finished but you are the winner in my book.

  24. Igor Bukový says:

    🙂 Z toľkého sexepílu sa mi skoro až trenírky roztrhali. LOL 🙂

  25. Oppeldeldoc1 says:

    I think fitness models are great and all-out bodybuilders are great, so it's nice to see these competitions.

    And it's wonderful to see you in it, someone I've "known" for two years on YouTube.

  26. Best of luck to you my dear 🙂 Lots of love from Greece 🙂 <3

  27. mcgaugh57 says:

    Do any of these women have natural breasts. Those ugly fake things are disgusting 🙁

  28. Totally crazy! I like it as well! I asked her what she does! haha! I need to start putting more weights on squats.

  29. I was placed 4th. It was my second competition so I am happy for that. Now I know what I have to work on… lol!

  30. it is fitness competition bikini category. It means we should have sport body but not too muscular.

  31. Matthew075 says:

    You and #1 had a nicest asses but #1's boobs were too small…just sayin… 🙂

  32. Clint Walker says:

    I hope you win CzechFitnessGirl!!

  33. animebest099 says:

    So was this more of a bodybuilding competition or a modelling competition?

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