Beauty and the BEAST Bikini Model and Hangar 9 giant scale electric Beast pitts m12

rc girls and rc planes Beauty and the BEAST
Just a little bikini treat for my RC plane fans before the main RC plane show 🙂

I Ken Wiesner ( Ken Weird ) recorded edited and created all the content in this video and hold exclusive rights to post this video for commercial gain. on YouTube

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38 Responses

  1. Aaron Lawson says:

    I'm sorry did I hear that right she is a PROFESSIONAL model?

  2. Pat McCann says:

    She could do an inverted flat-spin on ME any day.   

  3. 50 seconds of the hot model 5 minutes of the pitts. now thats the pitts haha

  4. dcbounce says:

    Great plane, great flying. Beautiful girl—–not really necessary.

  5. Broncosoft says:

    I came here to see the plane >_< ha ha

  6. Perfecto sexxxy girl 0:25 mmmmmmm I need anti-masturbation device 😛

  7. Pfiber Optik says:

    I just clicked to see the titty.

  8. ThePostal67 says:

    Does the girl do tricks too? lol

  9. Ernest Gross says:

    RC Barnstorming-Awesome! And it has so much power it is stall-proof-doubles as a helicopter! 😉

  10.  Great video. Keep them coming. William

  11. Ty F says:

    Yum yum butter me up a slice of that and serve me seconds!

  12. wordreet says:

    Hell! Video interrupted by some unstable airplane! :¬(

  13. There's no boobs. And this is very sad.

  14. I want to do a photo shoot with her or one of her friends!

  15. henkka410 says:

    Oh mean! rc planes and girls= thats my heaven!!!

  16. Tom Komada says:

    the 2 things that keeps my interest!

  17. phil123711 says:

    Fantastic flying. Thanks for posting.

  18. Reefer says:

    the start and the end were great! the rest was boring

  19. RC Planes says:

    Why is this video getting so many more views then my other recent uploads? HAHAHAHA 

  20. Ken Wiesner says:

    wow very hot models i must say HAHA  😉

  21. RC Planes says:

    I invited her to come lay in the sun and tan while we fly our planes next summer  HAHAH

  22. RC Planes says:

    One dislike so far hahah Ya just a HORRIBLE video isn't it  HAHAHA  😛

  23. lovetofly25 says:

    is it wrong that one of the models has the tail fixed in place upside down!

  24. spocktra50 says:

    Ken, i'm sure there was a plane in this video.For some reason i can't remember it mate.Thumbs up buddy.

  25. TheLipRipp3r says:

    Um…yeah!! The Beast part sucked after that! Lol

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