Celebrity Trainer/Bikini Competitor/Fitness Model Interview

Interview with Gidget Migliaccio, NPC and IFBB Pro fitness competitor! She tells bikini and bodybuilding competitors her tips to stay in shape, her diet, and her lifestyle! If you’re an aspiring bodybuilder, physique, or figure competitor, be sure to check out the interview to see what it takes!

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Hear from Gidget:

-How Gidget maintains her figure year-round

-What Gidget has for a diet, and what she actually eats on a day to day basis

-Does Gidget ever change her diet?

-What Gidget thinks about different diets, such as low carb diets, and why carbs are important.

-How Gidget views cheat meals and if she eats healthy all the time

-When to have cheat meals; before or after a workout?

-What Gidget takes for supplementation

-What Gidget thinks about supplements and what’s in them

-What Gidget sees fitness competitors do that’s the biggest mistake

-Is the yo-yo dieting hurting competitors to getting dialed-in for competitions?

-One key advice for fitness competitors

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