2010 Bikini Team San Diego Models!

We are pleased to introduce you to the 2010 Bikini Team San Diego Models. Be sure to leave comments, rate the video, text “BIKINI” to 85800 for special content and visit the homepage at http://www.BikiniTeamSanDiego.com

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10 Responses

  1. wood27 says:

    The girl in the white bikini is Daniella Mugnolo and she is definitely the most beautiful girl of all the others

  2. Ahmed M says:

    They don't know how to act stupid models lol … But the green one look so hot @_@

  3. Sick launch party! Thank you Will, Tom and Matt!

  4. Andy Shick says:

    I should hang in SD more often.

  5. gras1hoppa says:

    Wow Will!! The Calendar really doesnt do these girls justice.. Mulitimedia Marketing is definitely the way to go.. Can you say Infomercial…

  6. Rax Shueisha says:

    Any knows the name of the girl in white binini???

    OMG… she's definitely an angel 😛

  7. We loved this so much, we put it #1 on our playlist. W

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