Hot Black Model on Beach in Thong String Bikini

Gorgeous black magazine model Bianca cavorts on the beach in a thong string bikini. A rap video girl, Bianca has a beautiful body with big natural breasts that drive men crazy.

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12 Responses

  1. gsaugen says:

    0:46 What a beautiful, big, hot butt and boobs… I guess I fell in love! — (gilbertosaugenFROMbrazil)

  2. T Camaro says:

    as a white guy, I would destroy her..ass up face down hard penetration. flip her over ..well you get it but sexy black women, I love them!

  3. The cameraman does a close up on her hair weave ;Yet doesn't do a close-up on that beautiful phat round ass….Just Ridiculous….

  4. Beauty on you tube. Look at women

  5. I would like to see her with her natural hair, looks like she's wearing fake hair

  6. She mad sexy, nice body. I am a blobs man.

  7. bigred4464 says:

    This chick is sloppy and totally unattractive.  The white man didn't raid Africa for pigs like this..!

  8. The real reason the white man raided Africa. 

  9. James Mullin says:

    what a thrill yummy yummy yummy

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