Swimwear Retouching PRO Tutorial!

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Included in Your PRO Download

Source Image — We provide every photo necessary to complete the final images so you can work along side the tutorials

Frequency Separation Action — Included Frequency Separation action makes retouching simple.

Retouching Brush — Included retouching brush makes editing skin simple.

Complete Photoshop Tutorial — Over 1:40 hours of Photoshop instruction taking you from Lightroom to the final retouched image

Section 1 — Lightroom Tutorial (Adjusting exposure, light and color levels)

Section 2 — Intro and Planning (Creating a plan for the final retouch)

Section 3 — Removing Distractions (Cleaning up background and extending the frame)

Section 4 — Body Shaping and Coloring (Matching color from head to toe)

Section 5 — Full Body Retouching Including Frequency Separation (Separating texture from skin tone, dodge and burn, face retouching)

Section 6 — Rebuilding Hair and Final Coloring (Adding more hair and balancing composition, coloring and sharpening)


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23 Responses

  1. you just got yourself a new customer. Thumbs up!

  2. Erika Vargas says:

    Looks amazing! Dying to get it but so I need Lightroom? Or is it all done on Photoshop??

  3. lLena101 says:

    Beautiful place, beautiful model and awesome tutorial. I can't wait to buy it

  4. That model is crazy gorgeous! Your end photo is awesome! Thank you, Phlearn, for all of the great tutorials.

  5. like the shot …if there is little shadow in her face will be more interesting … for me its looking brighten face…  i like the right side of her body(my personal opinion) … overall ur awesome )))

  6. Mason Unrau says:

    Adam what do you use to make your hair so awesome and flowy?! lol I also appreciate you tutorials immensely! 

  7. Awesome tutorial.
    Btw, how is this pipe-like thing for the display at 0:26 called? 

  8. FAKoLL says:

    i don't like deforming bodies. still the rest of the tutorial looks cool

  9. Those are some big arse reflectors! 😀

  10. Awesome girls, awesome location!! Looks like an awesome pro tutorial. 😉

  11. making her waist smaller is "retouching"?

  12. I love your tutorials Phlearn Team but I kinda wish on this one you guys had kept her body proportions a bit more. I know some of that was to remove wrinkles in the bathing suit or blemishes on her skin but she looks like a genuinely naturally beautiful woman but with some of the mid section edits and especially with the widening and raising of the gap between her thighs, she looks almost surgically beautiful. I kinda feel like you almost robbed her of some of the credit she deserves for putting so much work into looking so beautiful on her own.

    Again, I really love your tutorials guys. I think the hair trick is genius and the dodging and burning is one of my favorite tools to use. Just wanted to express a small opinion while it was relevant.

  13. I just got dust in my view finder..i think im going to cry..

  14. waref says:


  15. David Meyer says:

    Still don't like the lasso tool and gaussian blur 🙁 But the tutorial looks fantastic, I love the bit with repairing hair especially. It looks like the shoot was great as well.

  16. Pure awesomeness Aaron… Another tut I will have in mah collection 😉
    Thanks again my man 🙂

  17. I hate to be that guy, but what's the name of the song playing in the background :)?
    Congrats on making a great tutorial, the end result looks amazing.

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