Bikini Nailbed Push Ups! STUNT ❌❌❌

Stuntgirl, Rachel Star doing push up on her bed of nails in a bikini… even when you try and rest it hurts… 😬
*DO NOT ATTEMPT ANY STUNTS SEEN IN THIS VIDEO… I mean you should do Push UP though, the are good for you. And you probably don’t even have bed of nails*
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15 Responses

  1. Mind over matter. You are a badass!

  2. Rachel, you are so fit! not only mentally strong, but physically strong, as well.

    often times, i'm told that I am "so strong" and shrug it off, because, of the way i had to develop that strength. it wasn't like it just came to me, through easy times, passed on with that silver spoon in my mouth at birth, and daddy paying for a Porsche.

    we go through the gauntlet, and keep on going through it.

    yeah, we're strong. sometimes, i don't want to be so "strong," if i have to face all this crap, but someone's got to carry the weight, and help the weaker ones.

  3. MeLarryO says:

    Rachel….. ummm you know there is material between your boobs and the nails right? That;s kinda cheating isn't it. lol

  4. You were definitely wearing the right hat. Great job, Rachel.

  5. kevin3591 says:

    I wish I was the nail bed lol

  6. mystafied m says:

    That was pretty cool 👍🏼

  7. Craig Galvin says:

    Am I supposed to be this turned on?

  8. i don't know why this turns me on XD

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