Model Gigi Hadid Reveals the Secret to Her Runway Walk

Model Gigi Hadid, the cover star of W’s September 2015 issue, explains the intense training she puts herself through before hitting the runway.

Film by Steven Brahms

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Model Gigi Hadid Reveals the Secret to Her Runway Walk

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41 Responses

  1. Secret what secret she cant walk to save her life.she does know how to shake her basic muffin tops though.

  2. lol I want to be a model so bad

  3. sydney jones says:

    In negative modern gtbrmcf personality fly gift wealthy confusion.

  4. delitesims says:

    she kinda looked like barbara palvin at 0:19

  5. lmao what walker? bitch your only a model bc your parents are rich and famous

  6. her chubby cheeks then was so sweet😑and now you can see only bones..

  7. Lily J says:

    Her weight is so beautiful in this omg I can’t BELIVE this is concidered fat in modeling

  8. This is one secret that should've been kept

  9. Freya Lim says:

    Is this a joke? Her walk is incredibly terrible. What the hell is this.

  10. Glad this was a joke. We don't need anyone else walking like Gigi on the runway… smh

  11. raina jamal says:

    she still can't walk she a trick ass bitch

  12. soapmashton says:

    but she cant walk in a straight line who is she

  13. Eric Herrera says:

    I realized it was fake when she said left foot in front of right foot. everyone will notice lmaoo

  14. I love Gigi and Kendall and I think they deserve all the fame they got. Unfortunately I dont agree with calling them supermodels because they simply aren't at the same level as other girls like Karlie, Natasha, Vittoria… They simply don't. Period.

  15. Xiiya 101 says:

    When she tripped 🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣

  16. What her body looks like in this video would be considered fat for a model.

  17. I actually laughed. She's kinda cute 😂

  18. McKenzie P says:

    best part of this was the end when she tripped

  19. sofia avakin says:

    Pause at 0:47 and then tell meh if she’s not overrated then wtf she is xD she has a pretty face but bruh not a model face BELLA is better tbh keep hate w yourself

  20. finn w says:

    naomi campbell is laughing at this video

  21. Lmao "It's always left foot in front of right foot. If you go right in front of left like everyone's gonna know."

  22. Jenn Miller says:

    Most of these comments going for the poor girl's life OMFG ☠️☠️☠️

  23. I love Gigi she’s so funny❤️

  24. Does she have a "signature" runway walk though? Imo her walk lacks impact and it's just plain mediocre.

  25. Jovy Yu says:

    Wow there’s a lot of hate comments in here. Maybe suggest her to crawl since her walk is horrid. But, she earns millions.

  26. doodie says:

    She isn't that beautiful.. average honestly.

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