DIY Beach Bunny Bikinis – 4 Easy IDEAS

DIY Beach Bunny Bikinis – 4 Easy IDEAS
4 easy bikini revamp ideas that literally take about 5 minutes and each one cost under $5…
Chain bikini top, gold hardware bikini, lace bikini, and a RHINESTONE bikini! Created designer look with your basic bandeau bikini or triangle top bikini:)

Video Details:

Intro & photoshoot make-up ( video coming soon)
IT Cosmetics:
IT cosmetics Blush Kit:
Lip Liner, MAC color SPICE:
Lipstick: Smashbox Nude Fair-
Ardele Lashes #110-
Mascara DIOR SHOW BlackOut:

Bikini #1
Red bandeau bikini top:
Black bikini bottoms:
Crystal Broaches:

Bikini #2
Green Triangle Bikini Top:
Black Bottoms:
Gold Chain:

Bikini #3
Black Criss Cross Bikini:
Black Lace:

Bikini #4
Purple Crochet Bikini H&M: SOLD OUT
Heart Sunglasses:

Fitness Outfit:
Calvin Klein Performance Leggings:
White NIKE:

Fitness Gear:
Foam Roller:
Resistance Bands:
Adjustable ankle weights:

Doggie making a cameo: Baldwin Park Animal Shelter:)

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Camera: Canon 70D
Video Editor: Imovie

RunwayDoneMyWay created by me (Angela Jean) is a beginner level DIY lifestyle brand and channel. I post weekly videos showing you how to design Runway Inspired Fashion looks. I show you how to revamp or recycle clothing you already have inspired by the hottest and latest trends.
I make DIY Home Decor easy and glamorous at the same time. My Home decor videos range from design tips for renters, ideas for small spaces, dorm room decor ideas, wood building so simple it makes the men mad….lol. Is it there way? NO…but it’s MY WAY!
Lets not forget about fitness routines that will get you off your booty. I keep it fun, easy, but effective. All of my workout videos can be done at home, so no gym needed.
I am a total foodie, I also share quick and easy meals for the girl on the go lifestyle. A lot of my meals are candida recipes and budget meals.
Beauty and hair is tapped on, but not my focus because I am a bit of a tom boy when it comes to that. I love my eyelash and hair extensions, and my blush but other than that I don’t really experiment wit new things.
Everything is made with love and meant to be inspiring to you and your lifestyle.

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30 Responses

  1. Andrea D.R. says:

    THis is good but who wear that bikini type to bad I have big boobs naturally so this is def not for me.But I love your ideas.xo's

  2. Thank you for the revamping ideas. I can stop looking for the next trend swimwear. Your amazing!

  3. You hava an amazing body!! Beautiful….xoxoxoxoxooxxo CAROL

  4. Nicole Novo says:

    Fake boob alert! It's sad because my boobs are the same size, a D but mine are real so they're not so high! You boobs look fake because they're too high up on your chest and gravity defying!

  5. Lori Sanford says:

    Well with you work out video and then your up coming what you eat in a day, I should look like you in no time…lol…I don't think that I could look as good as you in a life time ! :0)

  6. J Lib says:

    you always have such great ideas!

  7. trixiedoll72 says:

    Angela these are great ideas for bikini and I REALLY LOVE the exercises you included. Thanks

  8. pleaseeeee more workout videos…your body is amazing! plus what you eat in a day 😊

  9. amazing bikini ideas I expecially want to do the black bikini with the lace idea. your workouts look fun yet killer I totally need to try incorporating these moves into my workouts! I really enjoy your voice overs your so clear when you speak and i enjoy listening to you (^-^)!! I love your video as always💖

  10. Great video! Love how you add some vavoom to clothes.
    Can you do 'What I eat Ina a day' videos?

  11. Dean Road says:

    I am so glad I found your channel! Wonderful! I love the mix of fashion, health and DIY. I'm currently watching all your previous videos back to back ☺️

  12. xoxo Kim says:

    I love the black bikini and I'm def going to try these excersisies!

  13. Serryblue22 says:

    Hi Angela where can I buy the gold loops/rings you used on the purple bikini top. Thanks

  14. Zoe Field says:

    Love the work out sesh at the end. !!

  15. jeanette c says:

    love all your ideas! you make every thing simple! and its nice the way you set up your videos with exercises and modeling! you are beautiful inside and out.! I'm gonna do this on a lot of tops I wear too! thank you always! oh BTW can you do a video with your boyfriend on answering questions with a smashed food on top of head for wrong answers? those are so funny and at the same time tell us more about you! if not its OK.

  16. TheBlueDaisy says:

    You truly are amazing. Such imagination combined with beauty and a soothing voice. Btw, where did you get your foam roller. I lost the link 😩

  17. omg yes more more workout videos please

  18. wow… nice video! loved ur workout routine…! m gonna try n do it…

  19. Marie Sprowl says:

    you are so hot girl !
    Love your workout sets, I do similar stuff, but got new ideas here thx !

  20. 1Tru says:

    Well I say If you got it , Slay it!!! Yasssss Darling💋👙🌹✌

  21. I really enjoy all of your great ideas, esecially ones that transform an item so simply!

  22. can you make a video about take a photo like a model. you're always beautiful even just standing. i wanna know your secrets! lol

  23. I'm surprised you're covered in anything at all after seeing the pics u posted so proudly on ur instagram page of u tanning completely nude with everything showing and with a playboy bunny….. How slutty and cheap. You clearly have NOOOOO morals at all.

  24. Tanz Rome says:

    Adding hardware does make any swimwear look more expensive! I have at least 3 swimsuits I could do these ideas, thanks for the tips Angela!

  25. ☆҉‿↗⁀☆҉♥♡💕⊰ Beautiful ⊱💕♡♥☆҉‿↗⁀☆҉

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