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  1. FiatDuster says:

    Nice visuals…..HORRIBLE music.


  3. Filipina Tasty Pussy And Yummy AssHoles! Smells And Taste Like Jolibee! No Need To Wash & Needless To Cook! So Yunmy!

  4. So found at last found the place where Americans lay their nasty dicks(one of the many places) Wish you all die of Aids for what u hav done around the world. esp Middle East

  5. Ol' Ben says:

    Is this like some kinda sex shopping where you pay a fee upfront to watch the parade then just grab the one you want by the pussy?

  6. ang papangit nman nila so gross

  7. All these girls having no watchful boobs and sexy butts should be targeted in their vaginas and then fucked by huge penises with a lot of stamina due to which they will fall down from pain.

  8. They cheaper than Mexican hookers.

  9. moonrunrs says:

    The most sexually loose women on the planet. Any of the ones in this video would have banged you if you just asked them. If they said no, just offer them a dollar and they'll  change their mind. 

  10. mark fady says:

    WHY…Are you jealous Gracie Sales ya stupid cunt

  11. Cris Ortiz says:

    The world is full of poor people, and full of people who take advantage of them.

  12. the only thing I like about philipinas is their tight pussy. I have planty of philipinas girl frineds! pay them fuck them hard! 😉

  13. Larry Po says:

    Test SlingShot in public place…
    or with No Rise Jeans

  14. Satish Kumar says:

    theres countless webpages where girls online sharing videos that are much better than youtube, i know you all too lazy so ill tell you what i always use copy paste this GIRLCM.COM

    I have scars on my hands from touching certain people.

  15. moonrunrs says:

    Really hot. They are filipino too, so that means they are all sexually very loose. I bet any one of them would have banged you if you just asked them. If they said no, just offer them a dollar and they would have changed their minds.

  16. Comment was too long to post but the girl that I was describing was also a girl that was in the same place I was. Chinitas look like that though. Sweeeet.

  17. Filipina Chinita. Start with classic Filipina Beauty. Round face, full delicious lips, pretty smile, button / flat nose, that cute little chin thing Pinays have, cute sideburns, sexy pricked-up ears (like a Namese girl), thick body (ass + legs), 5ft 6in, light brown skin, and the thing that puts her over-the-top: Chinese eyes. She has eyes + brows slanty like a Korean. /
    Both eyes+brows like that. Hair up in pony tail to isolate her pretty Filipina face. G-d bless Filipinas!

  18. Filipinas are the best in Asia. They are beautiful, strong, outgoing, happy, fun, loving, adventurous, loyal and many more.

  19. these girls don't need to steal anything from anybody.they can just go bare to the buff.but there are children like you with child ratings…so they have to cover up their private parts…i cannot even cuss because of you. "BLEEP" censorship get use to it kid.

  20. do you know wht you are talking about…be conservative…use les material plus it is probably hella hot in the phillipines

  21. filipinas are darker chinese girls the way i see it…tia carrrere is both if you don't like her your eyes are crossed and fucked up LOL

  22. Haha Chinese girls???
    They're some of the fucking ugliest women on this planet!!
    They aren't in the same league as Filipina's…
    Pale slant eyed ugly cunts they are…

  23. vince ald says:

    Now they all think the all Filipina's are like this Moringats and Manananggal…Bad Reputation=Disrespect to our OFW and Foreign Filipino Residents!!

  24. pang Tokyo Drift yng music haha

    pero ang ganda nung nsa 0:36

  25. I'llgo for 1:33ohh she's fine…;)

  26. ang yayabang naman nung mga ng cocomment..

  27. unclestevesb says:

    Filipino girls are cute but some look like they don't exercise enough, or eat fatty foods

  28. Bob Johnson says:

    Dollhouse been there. You married guys see what you missing. You with your old hag wife while I go their and fuck women like this.

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