Phoebe Hagan The Bikini Bodybuilder | Like A Girl

Bodybuilder Phoebe Hagan tells BBC Three why she’s proud of her body and that more women should embrace their muscles.

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27 Responses

  1. Thank you so much BBC Three for this opportunity to share my story! For anyone that wants to follow the rest of my journey I’m most active on Instagram and YouTube.
    They are..
    Instagram: @justanotherfitnessblogger
    YouTube: Just Another Fitness Blogger
    Thank you for the support!

  2. Bodybuilding and working out at a gym can Definetly help you mentally. It gives you an empowering mindset as she said when you can lift very big for your size. Secondly it give you a progressive and disciplined mind set. Would always recommend going to gym, not just for physical gains but mentally

  3. you people are crazy, bodybuilding is a disgrace for boys as well as for girls

  4. a lot of men feel emasculated right now lol

  5. Rob Luck says:

    What the fuck… she was in my class in first shool haha

  6. im very competitive but extremely lazy…

  7. Yes, Yes it is! its shallow and narcissistic!

  8. micky01827 says:

    You've got to admire her dedication

  9. darius jones says:

    She's bad what's her Instagram?

  10. I wish I could do the same. I think she's beautiful and inspiring. I have always wanted to body build but never seemed to know how or able to. It seems that when I start, I just can't get results. People always give advice to lose weight but not gain muscle for women like me. I am skinny (or some call skinny fat…which means I am not toned, I guess?) and muscle gain seems impossible. So I work out but all I can do is run or lift weights… But when I see guys do it, they get results in 6 months, when I tried, I just got sore and skinnier. I didn't want to be skinnier. Maybe it's not in my genes?

  11. So empowering to see a beautiful woman following her passion like that!

  12. Ixoye Ixoye says:

    She looks like a man she is ugly and awful and wrong.

  13. Ace-ZK says:

    no thank you i'm only attracted to women ……………

  14. Feminism in the modern, western sense, is female supremacism. Just ask yourself, would the BBC post an equivalent video that promotes male empowerment?

  15. So it's not like a beauty pageant because they have to work really hard to look the way they do… No sorry body building is just like a beauty pageant. It's a stage on which people are praised for having unhealthy eating habits which encourages strict diet control.

  16. Moons Parade says:

    The most beautiful body I've ever seen, I'm gay

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