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▷ S N A P C H A T: BeautyyBird




▷ S N A P C H A T: BeautyyBird


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48 Responses

  1. Luisa Tamayo says:

    Alva inspires me too! 🙌🏼 I’m glad you came across her on YouTube she’s amazing and so are you 💗

  2. I love Alva!!!! You will enjoy her videos although her diet is much more strict but it is helpful. Love ya YAS!!

  3. Se que talvez no leerás mi mensaje pero de verdad me gustaría que lo hicieras y que todas aquellas y aquellos que piensen igual que yo me apoyen con un Like yo se que tu canal es espanglish pero por que cuando estas sola o con tu esposo o tu mamá osea la gente que sabes que habla español por que no lo hablas es estresante ver y escuchar pero no entender la mayor parte de tus vídeos realmente antes hablabas más español y creó que hay muchas que te pedimos lo mismo te entiendo al decir que las personas con las que estas hablan los dos idiomas pero muchos de nosotros no o almenos no entendemos todo y realmente me gustaría que pensaras en la idea de que cuando estés sola platicando algo o tu esposo o con tu mamá tus hermanos papá hablaras 3n español y la gente que realmente no habla español ok hablas ingles o si tus hermanos te quieren contestar en ingles ok por lo menos nos enteramos un poco de que hablan piénsalo te lo agradeceríamos muchos de tus suscriptores

  4. Lindsey says:

    Are you still friends with Laura lee?

  5. I recently discovered alvajay channel well 3 months ago lol and she's absolutely awesome! She's inspired me so much I've lost 20 lbs since I started I started watching her😊

  6. Omg yes alva is the best and her journey is amazing so far 😭🙌🏽

  7. Belle Ramos says:

    Lol Lulu awe love your babies

  8. Aqua Cinta says:

    I love your coffee mugs. Where did you get them? I’ve been looking for a set and haven’t found them.

  9. Yaaass omg. I love Alva! Hopefully in the future you both can collab, bc that would be bomb! Love you ❤️❤️

  10. Yuliana Leon says:

    Regardless of what you do You are a inspiration Yasmin! Eres una mujer que cumple todo lo que se propone suerte chica👍

  11. What kind of oatmeal do you get?

  12. ery yo! :} says:

    found her after I was diagnosed with PCOS she has great vids . good luck on your journey😊😊

  13. Iris Cuevas says:

    asi como te paso ati con ella con su channel asi me paso con ustedes cuando los encontre estuve todo el dia viendolos

  14. its Denise says:

    This is how i feel about ur videos. The first video i fell in love with u and ur family

  15. thank you for showing your motivation. it really helps others as well. can't wait to see your journey love!

  16. Thats cool, but I thought you were gonna try to have a baby 😞

  17. Dulce Abril says:

    I use the app “my macros+” to track my food, it’s really good!

  18. Daddy V says:

    girl yessss boo! get it girl haha… i need to workout lol

  19. Daisy Days says:

    I do educational videos and vlogs on my channel

  20. Lexus Marie says:

    New subbie here I'm going on day 16 weight loss journey 😊

  21. Que estresante es que no hables español 😣

  22. why do you wear your wedding ring to the gym? it’s dangerous

  23. kat v says:

    Go Astros!!!!!!!! Lol…love you yas

  24. Pajarita pleaseeeee un video como este en español 😣 ….

  25. Ana Anguiano says:

    you continued your work out journey and im over here still eating burgers! 😩

  26. Ailyn Romero says:

    why dont you do your outtros anymore, y yo esperando aver si les llego mi cartita des de hawaii hehe

  27. Yay to daily vlogs!! & I hope Lulu gets better soon! ❤

  28. Cuando dices Buenos días en español siento que todo el video será en español y de repente wooouu hablas inglés ufff me desvanesco

  29. I love Alva !!! I’ve been following her since she started her journey! ❤️❤️

  30. HIII YASSS ,


  31. Make your gym channel please con tus rutinas de ejercicios

  32. Yaaas my girl Alva 💕💕💕

  33. julie says:

    I loooove keto!! Gauge girl seems to do keto right? I'm Mexican so Keto can work if you focus on all the yummy food you can eat. For example, I know it's hard to leave frijoles and rice buuuut it's worth it and you can still have that stuff on your carb load day. Anyways, your health will thank you so much once you go deep into this lifestyle! I love chorizo con huevo, carne con chile, just remember to always have your nopales, broccoli, coconut oil and you'll be set! Sorry I rambled!!! I'm excited for you!!!

  34. How cool! I am doing my journey now also! I’ve been working on myself. I am so happy now. I am losing weight and seeing results. Keep up the great work!! 💛❤️💜

  35. Como siempre: muchas bendiciones para todos ustedes. 😍 You're doing great Yas. I'm so proud of you.

  36. I love you guys so much😘😘😘

  37. Sonia Macias says:

    i see you andbme dan ganas de ejersitar i mean i doo exercise but sometimes give up but when i see you omg i go back again lol😘

  38. Look at you're mom working out killing I can't even do 1 of those lol

  39. Alba is amazing! She has lost a LOT of weight. So proud! Good job Yas, keep it up, you got this!!!

  40. Tracking macros was the best thing I have ever done! I am about to do another 12 week program to continue working towards my goal so I look forward to seeing you achieve your goals while I try to reach mine at the same time 😊 Are you going to work with your coach for a certain time like maybe do a 12 week program? Best of luck Yas and Valentin!

  41. Really Needed This!! Started Going To The Gym & My Goal Is To Lose Atleast 10pounds
    The HARD Part Is To Eat Healthier Lol &+ I Have 2 Kids So There's No Way My Body Will Ever Look Like Yours 😢😞

  42. Hopefully lulu 🐶 feels better y todo sale bien … 🙏🏻

  43. I'm so proud of your mom ! She looks great ! ❤️

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