Belly Fat Blast with Dani! 15 Min. Ab Workout for Complete Beginners, Core, Abs, Fitness at Home

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Belly Fat Blast for Complete Beginners with Dani | Ab Workout for Obliques, Core, Fitness at Home

Dani gets you ready for bikini season with this quick and intense Total Body Workout! Great for all levels, this HIIT workout also has cardio benefits!

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14 Responses

  1. Ms Philomath says:

    More like pre-beginner.
    Wayyyy too simple: I could have just walked around the house and gotten more out of it.
    Where is DoNnie???
    Sorry. Not trying to be rude…just an opinion.

  2. Mahek Khan says:

    Mere legs bhut dard hone lagta h pls give some advice

  3. great workout! I feel the burn!

  4. Pixel_Geist says:

    usually thge only thing getting blasted around here is all the Patreon and paid site links.

  5. Marian Magdy says:

    Are these exercises safe for people with lower back injury?

  6. YumeASMR says:

    So good : it's really for the beginners! I know all those exercises.

  7. She would have been so much sexier without shoes on.

  8. Misthi Gupta says:

    Please make no equipment cordio workout for uparbody

  9. 20alphabet says:

    You can't spot reduce, but it's nice to see Dani.

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