31-Min Full Body Workout : Fat Burning No Equipment Workout : 250-300 Calories

Full body Workout for your abs, arms, butt, core, glute, hip, legs, thighs and more! Melt fat and speed up your metabolism with this calorie burning, total body workout! Do this routine every other day for 10 weeks to lose weight and tone up. This is a routine for weight loss. Burn 250-300 calories.

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50 Responses

  1. GymRa says:

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  2. Is it better if i do this everyday or once every two days? Ive heard you need to rest to grow your muscles, is this true?

  3. I want to drop 7 kilo gram can this workout help me without getting bulky ? and how many times I can do it ? and is honey can caused weight gain ? , thanks in advance

  4. Nice workout i was able to follow you almost all time, i get tired and sweat a lot, watching you doing the exercises Its a pleasure, thanks for sharing.

  5. Neeru Kaur says:

    Thanks Rebecca for information

  6. Neeru Kaur says:

    Hi Rebecca how many calories burnt in this video .please tell me

  7. I feel much better after the workout. Thank you so much 😊

  8. cj L says:

    Fun and full of energy.
    Nice variations

  9. H-I15beach says:

    This only burns up to 300 Calories?? in 30 whole minutes how am i supposed to lose weight with that?

  10. MarkEthanTV says:

    Hi is this a strength workout or a core workout? I'd like to log it into Runkeeper 😀

  11. Kept me motivated whole workout and it was always something new with 12 reps ?! LOVED i am sweating

  12. I was wondering if they have a diet program that u can follow? :3

  13. Hello there! I just completed the workout. Well, in terms of content, it was very good, and the tempo of the exercises was great. But, the coach shouts like crazy and that is very annoying. I get it that she wants to motivate those who do the workout, but she could do it in a calmer, more professional way.

  14. Ana Pranjic says:

    Great exercise, just not for the beginners. It took me an hour to finish the whole workout. 😀 I had to pause it like a 100 times. 😀 too fast for me…

  15. it's so very hard in balancing but I can do other exercise

  16. I've watched so many workout videos, but this one really motivates me!!👍

  17. Tae's DNA says:

    I couldn't do the side plank bit I was scared my wrist was gonna give up and break since it's holding up all the weight😔 is there an easier way of doing this?

  18. What is the best drink formula to have during and after workout?

  19. Beam Beam says:

    Can beginners do this workout?

  20. mal doran says:

    If I'm not dead tomorrow, I'll come back soon. Awesome, but very intense workout!

  21. Karen Horner says:

    You move too fast. I can't get into the next position in time 🙁

  22. ela solmaz says:

    did u guys do this workout? if so, did it work out?

  23. Johanna T. says:

    Loved that workout! It went by so fast, ususally I check the remaining time once or twice during the workout but not at this workout! I especially love that the exercises are not repetitive at all, I like having a great variety of exercises!

  24. pffft good moves!!!sweating a lot!!!almost motivated for SOME housework! !!cheers!!!

  25. I still haven't seen any gym gadgets on Gym-RA! I love it, nothing to waste money on. love this intense program. I will definitely stay on it!

  26. Nakul Anand says:

    very useful workouts thanks, and i must say u have a sexy figure☺

  27. A Z says:

    I love how positive you are, super motivating!!

  28. Someone here says Rebecca's body is her personal goal. In this videos (that I do) I don't want to look like that. She looks too slim with no curves, like a boy. Luckily, she has changed since 2013 and looks much better now I think.

  29. Should I still have a protein shake post workout if it is just before bed? I'm I trying to loose weight and slim down but are concerned eating just before bed may bulk me up?

  30. Der Ya says:

    this workout is soo good

  31. elizaann 00 says:

    someone call the police cause im about to throw some off a cliff 😒😒😒😒 ( its her ).

  32. Mrs Me says:

    i keep trying other exercices and i end up coming back to this ! awesome rebecca , my baby is 3 month old only 3 kg left , this is a must DO

  33. Anna Albert says:

    omg r u on drugs? not closing your mouth for a single second. such kind of workout is definitely not for me…

  34. THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES FOR THESE 30 minute full body, high calorie burning videos!!!!!!!!!!!💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻❤️❤️❤️❤️
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make more. You are so fun and encouraging to work out with. I am really seeing amazing results!!!!!! I've tried other peoples videos, you are hands down my favorite!!!!!!!!!!!!😅😅😅😅

  35. Is it good doing this when i am only 14 years old? I just love it and want to do this every day!

  36. not so weird says:

    i love this workout i took pauses but i managed to finish it till the end i hope that i ll stay motivated to do it tommorow.

  37. Nilab Tayeb says:

    Hi would I lose weight if i do this week days i mean 6 days a week bcz i want to lose at least 10 pounds

  38. Nilab Tayeb says:

    Oh My God i fainted at 22:46 its so difficult but next day i will do it til the end !

  39. Chera Zr says:

    i died at 25 minutes…. 😓

  40. Nicki D says:

    I was like… okay 12 Burpees, fine… but then she keeps on jumping and jumping and I began to collaps 😀

  41. Britt says:

    how is her makeup still on at the end omg im sweating like a crazy

  42. great workout Rebecca Louise…good start for the day….maybe cut down a wee tiny bit on the talking loll

  43. she has like 0 percent body fat. impressed

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