Best BUTT Workout: Best of Bikini Model Nicole Mejia

Heres some great exercises for a great butt and sexy legs. These are some of the best exercises from bikini model Nicole Mejia’s Legs and Butt workouts. Give them a try!

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34 Responses


    She's got no tits, but that ASS!!!!

  2. sgc says:

    do you think she normally uses weights though to get her results??

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  4. anybody else here from watching guycode

  5. just to let aaaall you know she used to do porn under the name adrianna nevaeh!

  6. Bet that ass can crush cocks in a single squat.

  7. Pretty much the ideal perfect woman. Bikini fitness models > Plus size & Victoria's secret models.

  8. Eric Root says:

    I would lick your butt sweat.

  9. She is so perfect and her butt, wow. That´s so amazing.

  10. SpamHusky says:

    she talk so sexy…. & her thighs is my favorite tho'  NO DOUBT

  11. 1:13 "Your really going to feel this targeting your butt." How I would love to say that to her. 🙂

  12. David Avalse says:

    I would love to cum in her asd cheek

  13. zdave92 says:

    Man her sexy big ass looks very hot in mini shorts, real pretty girl.

  14. sam onn says:

    I'm thirsty as hell right now.

  15. iv'e seen better but i will admit beautiful eyes/skin and incredible midsection to lower body ratio her hips and butt are amazing too. and shes natural as far as maintaining feminine characteristics no roids here.

  16. crushed2015 says:

    i wonna see my cum leaking out of her ass as i pull out of it. 

  17. 09:01  FAT MAN in the background…hahahahaha

  18. Dex says:

    If only more women at a gym looked like Nicole 🙂

  19. I would cook my breakfast on those thighs

  20. Julio Muniz says:

    Not proper way to "squat" …. terrible form… even thou shes hot has hell…..

  21. baggedyman says:

    Is she skwatting with a curl bar?

  22. RebelForce8 says:

    Absolutely not one effective squat in these videos. All quarter squats, half repping, bad ankle positions, bad knee positions.. stupid ass shit. Go stretch first and then lift some weight you skank..

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