Bikini Arms Workout ☀ BIKINI SERIES

Strong, sculpted arms are yours bombshell! ~

Today’s new BIKINI ARMS workout takes you through a sequence of my favorite, ultra effective moves to tone your arms, shoulders and upper back. Beautiful biceps and sultry shoulders coming right up! ~

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43 Responses

  1. Tori G says:

    My goal is fat loss, especially belly (it's the slowest to improve for me), so do you recommend a video like this paired with lots of cardio? I usually do HIIT+abs or booty or arms daily, but I think I need to melt some belly fat to reveal abs underneath. Any advice?
    Gonna do this 2-3 times, cause the only weights I have at home are light for me 🙂

  2. Hi. Can this be done every day? Or do we need to take a break between different muscle exercises? Thanks.

  3. Heyyy !! What's the song at the beginning please?
    And, are you, with Katrina, make some more videos about arms ?
    Thanks a lot and happy new year 😀

  4. This was awesome, thank you so much! <3<3<3

  5. ChandelW says:

    My arms are burning 🙂

  6. are you supposed to do these more then once?

  7. OMG! This is soooo kick butt! LOVE it!!!!!

  8. The past six months I've really gotten into working out and my arms and abdominal have gotten so much stronger but I've always hated working out my arms. I still do it but it's my least favorite part. This workout was great and now I'm interested in seeing what else your channel has to offer!

  9. @toneitup @KarenaKatrina What brand are these workout pants?

  10. 187meg says:

    I usually do the 2014 bikini series arms workout but this was great!!! Will be doing both now!!! Trying to get my arms as toned as possible for my wedding day in July!!

  11. S Tetik says:

    Its better to inform us about the calories that we are burning while during these exercises

  12. Wow such nice colors on those bikinis! Can someone tell me where they get em from?

  13. Hate to work on my arms coz they're weak, but I know I'll get better at it after few times! 🙂

  14. audreyhorne says:

    What's up with baby weights, perfect hair and no sweat? That's not a workout.

  15. Eman. S. says:

    Another comment, you guys need to tell us how to stretch the muscles after each video, that should be learned as not every one knows how to stretch correctly, thx again u're doing awesome videos!!

  16. Andy Shick says:

    OMG this girl is freakin' HOT!

  17. How many times and reps do you do? thanks

  18. Jenkittypaw says:

    Would using a heavier weight cause me to bulk up too much? I have strong arms (although too big for my preference) and I don't now if a weight that small would be effective for me.

  19. Eman. S. says:

    I wish you guys do series for scoliosis patients, they also need some attention and is really difficult for them to do an equal exercises for both sides of body in scolio patient, hope i grab your attention in a new series which million of people are waiting for , thank you for all your great videos.

  20. Frances Hill says:

    Great arm workout! Love it!

  21. TIUtigress says:

    I still wish they would sweat more with us and actually use the weights they would normally use if they were working out alone. I find its more motivating when I can struggle along with them. The smiling is sweet but it gets old

  22. Nina Bacchus says:

    Awesome workout. I used 10 lbs weights.. So hard! I'll be feeling this tomorrow 🙂

  23. Alyssa Rose says:

    Where can I buy the bikini Karina designed?? ITS SO CUTE<3

  24. Wow girls, this is the best upper body workout, I've had in a really long time.

  25. Jessa Prince says:

    Where is the sports bra from? It is beautiful and very unique 😀

  26. Kimberly Ann says:

    Just did this on my lunch break after the stair master 👍🏼 amazing workout!! And thanks for the motivation!

  27. Veronica says:

    Can't wait to try tonight!

  28. jamie anglin says:

    Loved it! Felt great after! I'm new to the bikini series this is my 2nd week. Been loving how I feel after!

  29. Excited to try this at the gym later !

  30. C. E. W says:

    do I do this one time through only?

  31. One thing I hate working, ARMS. So thanks for this fun workout 🙂

  32. ThruHerEyez says:

    Been waiting for this for weeks! So happy!!

  33. My arms feel like jello now! Great workout. I used 8 LB except for when we had to hold our arms straight out to the side and pulse. I used 5 LB for that. Thank you!! 🙂

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