Fitness Bikini Models show MOUNT POSITION

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This position is called the MOUNT. This is a Great move for Mixed Martial Arts, MMA, UFC.

Cat and Amanda Evans (playboy model) are 2 beautiful models who life in Los Angles California and Florida. We spend out time working out modeling, and spending time with friends and family. Please SUBSCRIBE to watch out fitness workout each day on

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Cat & Amanda

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18 Responses

  1. 桑原泰星 says:


  2. I think the asian girl is lesbian and she wanted to fuck amanda evans so hard also i wish if the asian punshed amanda evans in her face alot so i can see amanda's blood

  3. What I loved the most was the part when they took their shoes and socks off !!!!

  4. mm favorite sex position . especially with that asian girl cat mmmmmmmmmm

  5. ttuu01 says:

    i'd like to see her lay on top of her!

  6. @HIENDINI we did that one search are videos for it…thanks for watching

  7. 1lostinspace says:

    I would like to rear mount her as she mounts her face


    Do they teach these techniques cause…

  9. usteeler81 says:

    @zaco21 hell yeaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!

  10. tekoa says:

    if only the video quality were better…

  11. bobd1720 says:

    Yes! Punch her in the face.

  12. zaco21 says:

    I wish I was in the blonde's place!

  13. adickted2k says:

    Can you demonstrate doing the traingle choke? ha ha

  14. Don Mac says:

    The only way I'd ever train BJJ is with a hot girl

  15. And to think some people say grappling is gay.

  16. DOAN FSD says:

    I don't think I fully understand this position.Please do it about five minutes longer with some explanations.

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