How to Get a Bikini Body! | Workout + Diet Tips


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27 Responses

  1. WhyNot Grace says:

    i feel like you could work on your posture more, you stand in a very bad way that might be bad for your back 🙁 also doesn't make your butt pop like i'm sure it would you if stood straight up

  2. nyla maharaj says:

    omg so much hate in the comments shutup

  3. She really shouldn't be doing a workout routine if she's not trained. her form is bad on almost everything

  4. Amanda Saes says:

    You can also become a magnet of attention by having a bikini body no one will believe. No matter how far you’ve think you’ve gone, getting fit can change your life. Try Sethlins Bikini Guide for a more detailed view.

  5. Girl I love your energy and you are adorable !

  6. bunny bee says:

    You already have a body to be proud of!!

  7. Lisa Rox says:


  8. Phoebe Mei says:

    guys i would like to say if your looking for results this simply won't get you results. you barely break a sweat with this. if u want results you need a gym. it will help you get modivated and not only that but weight training is an amazing option. if your a women i can promise you u won't look manly.

  9. Sunshine Gal says:

    I dont understand why ppl are so offended by this video. she already made so many disclaimers saying that Y'all are beautiful already. She only said if you want to workout and exercise to get a body thats more toned and ready for a bikini then join her. I'm not toned and am kinda overweight, and I'm not at all offended.🙂❤

  10. Dani N says:

    can you do a video about how to become vegan in college? I'm a college student and it's difficult to find meals that are vegan, with limited time and money

  11. i really love you, sucha genuine vibe 🙂 keep it up!

  12. Can totally relate when you said feeling super full after not chewing your food ahahaha

  13. What's the name of the song at 5:10???

  14. Savv0104 says:

    The beginning of this video has me dying bc #relatable

  15. Amy Zaragoza says:

    bodyweight exercises are a great start but what's really going to make a difference is lifting weights(: you should see if your school has weight lifting workshops for beginners, keep us updated if you do! 😀

  16. Sara Crave says:

    Haha Manda you're the cutest!

  17. Holly Harper says:

    you should do a simple day make up tutorial ☺

  18. Nildrohain54 says:

    i highly recommend yoga as a workout! It improves overall strength and flexibility and posture. Plus, it has a mind and body focus. Happy mind, body will follow. Happy body, mind will follow. They are deeply connected. And yoga really helps to educate on how to safely do poses and stretches. Amandas wheel pose in the stretching part was okay but you don't want your elbows and knees splaying out. It puts extra stress on your lower back and shoulders, and prevents you from getting into the fullness of the pose.

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