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18 Responses

  1. Wow…Miss Teen USA swimsuit competition 2014 show. Nearly most of the girls look nice and even gorgeous. Especially those wearing bikini that make them look even sexy and some of them hot. Love it.


  2. These American bitches are teenagers? What do they eat? Just pounds and pounds of meat I suppose. They all look like pigs. No wonder it's a country of ugly inbreds.

  3. D'Ascoyne says:

    lol Most of them can hardly walk.

  4. Their butts are a bit sloshy. Wouldn't be good to dog them

  5. These chubby chicks wouldn't win a regular bikini contest here in SoFla.

  6. skip ahead to 2:50 she finally shuts up…

  7. Mindraker1 says:

    The intro lady just needs to stop talking.

  8. Barney B says:

    Please give me 7:50 thats all I want, please

  9. SaesarSalad says:

    Those girls should cover up.

  10. tay james says:

    I am stopping myself watching this show. It is getting more boring each year!

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