Bikini Body Routine! This is IT! BIKINI SERIES 2014 ☀

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This is IT! Your 2014 BIKINI SERIES is officially underway and this is your first Total Body Follow Along routine to get it going right & tight!

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Filmed on location in beautiful Newport Beach, California!!

We also featured our favorite jam, the song of summer 2014 – Deezy Daisy by Portland! We can’t stop dancing to it and imagining how amazing this summer will be.

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41 Responses

  1. thea loves says:

    Doing this for 2 days already 🙂 and other tone it up workout 🙂 Thanks for this! Feeling good about it!!

  2. Sweating my butt off and still loving that I found your videos girls

  3. all of that dead space in the audio could be used for instruction on form, breathing, muscle contractions… they're not great teachers.

  4. How many calories does this workout burn? 👟

  5. I love you guys! Thanks for filming such a fun workout.

  6. Megan Hill says:

    You girls make the workouts fun. I started your workouts maybe 3 weeks ago and continuing. I have never been so consistent and now I am even more toned! Those outfits are motivation also! 🙂

  7. Love you two! It's winter and gray in Indiana and I hate it! I workout with you every morning and pretend I'm at the beach! Keep up the great work! Definitely my favorite part of the day!! <3

  8. I really love your videos. Especially the 2014 Bikini Series. Thanks for sharing!

  9. please make this downloadable..thanks!!!

  10. Wow, super workout! I did it Wednesday, i could complete all exercises and… 2 days after I still feel my muscles aching…

  11. Lindsey Bugg says:

    What pound Dumbbells are used?

  12. teetee729 says:

    Love the beach vibe! I do Jillian Michaels and blogilates work outs, can't wait to give you guys a try.

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  14. MASHA SKI says:

    Checking in, loving this tone it up workout! 😀

  15. jerry mckay says:

    A really useful and well made video. I will use it for my personal experience.

  16. lmjones9060 says:

    how many times a week do you recommend doing this workout?

  17. LOVED this workout. I alternated between 5s and 10s and am currently dripping with sweat. It worked me out perfectly without being too exhausting. Thanks you guys!

  18. I miss summer! Was 38 degrees yesterday :ĺ

  19. I love love LOVE there videos! I feel amazing after the work outs!

  20. One of my faves! After the 3rd circuit I really felt challenged and was sweaty! Thanks girls!

  21. Can we do this without dumbells, will it offer the same benefits/results

  22. Has anyone seen results doing this workout as well as other Tone It Up workouts?

  23. amanda allen says:

    At first your workouts were so hard! But now I find myself adding something after it 😀 thank you!

  24. I hurt so good! Thank you two! 🙂

  25. i'm gonna try doing this this workout routine maybe 4 times a week until the beginning of my summer break which is in probably a month!

  26. Does this work if you're really overweight and want to lose weight?

  27. Gii Marie says:

    KILLER workout. My whole body is feeling it!

  28. Maddy Covell says:

    The girl wearing the blue wasn't going 100% all the way on some of the moves…

  29. When I first started working out with Tone It Up this video was too long and I could only do the first two cycles. Now I can not only complete the whole video but I also add on another workout video after it. This is my favorite workout and I do it at least twice a week with heavier dumbbells. Thank you for making me stronger and healthier!

  30. stffnie says:

    Hi 🙂 I really want to get the plan but I had my thyroid taken out would the plan still work for me?

  31. Ellie Bee says:

    I want your guyss glasses!!! Where can I get them from

  32. good quick workout for a busy day…thanks, ladies

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