The Truth about Bikini Competitors | FITNESS DOCUMENTARY

On this week’s episode, I share with you a fitness documentary that shows what bikini competitors really go through mentally and physically. For them, it’s more than just tans and clear heels.

I would like to thank Ivanna for allowing us to follow her in her fitness journey. It was a blessing seeing her grow in faith in herself and God. As you’re going to see, she’s a go getter and there is no way of stopping her. Many blessings in your future endeavors! Love you girl!

This documentary is dedicated to Coach Julio Hernandez. He was passionate about fitness, people and had a giving soul. We celebrate his life today in heaven.

Bikini Competitior Ivanna Medina

Co-Produced by Ana Cristina Marino
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Instagram: charlene_pinon
Twitter: charlenepinontv

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8 Responses

  1. This is really, really unhealthy.

  2. The Truth says:

    So, you don't really belong in my country? Get the fuck out!

  3. Vaheed Khan says:

    NOT even butts but because they were hills it outstands. They are not even build. Just butt expose nothing else. Porn stars look better than these ones.

  4. Tom Waits says:

    fake boobs (or fake anything) should not be allowed in fitness competitions. the men can't have breast or calf implants. but if these competitions were truly about health they would not be allowed to dehydrate themselves either. the women's fitness industry is just the next progression from barbie to cosmo. not inspiring young girls to be healthy, inspiring them to look a certain way.

  5. This was a very good video. Great insight!

  6. FitKnees says:

    her coach julio hernandez has died

  7. Daylen Diaz says:

    Very motivating video 💪💪💪

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