O.J. Simpson Can’t Stop Posing For Selfies, Including With These Bikini Models

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A grinning O.J. Simpson was photographed posing with two bikini models in Las Vegas Wednesday. As the 70-year-old continues relishing life as a free man, he schmoozed with the bikini beauties. The models were shooting an ad for a laser hair removal company, L.A. Laser Hair Removal LV. The disgraced former football star was reportedly invited over by Boyz II Men member Wanya Morris, who owns the home that the commercial was being filmed in. But not all the models were happy to see O.J. there.

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30 Responses

  1. Can u su PP says:

    At first I was like wow two dumbo’s taking a photo with a muderer, but then I was like who cares it was 30 years ago

  2. Kaylie Love says:

    Remember when he killed his girlfriend

  3. Reina Arana says:

    " oj hands on the hips, no there hips"

  4. Combustion69 says:

    damn still getting pussy even at 70. Respect ma nigga

  5. The Juice!!!!!!

    Chill… Let him do his thing. He paid his debt to society..

  6. GAR Media says:

    Honestly I don't even care about him anymore, he's a shell of what he used to be if he rotted in prison there'd be no point, let him live out his days, no point in making it painful for others

  7. Oj is starting to get famous again

  8. MelaniteX says:

    OJ still pawgin……lmao

  9. You will know them by their fruits. …….. one thing I could not figure during the trial was why and how did Bruno mollie footprints end up on the perimeter of the crime scene but not in the thick of it. I don’t think he did it but he was there and he watched. That makes him an accomplice and that makes him guilty as hell.

  10. curtflirt2 says:

    Yo I swear OJ is Hilarious

  11. Maybe Ron Goldman (a suspected drug dealer) could've been like Harvey Weinstein if he had lived?

  12. RJ M says:

    How to have a killer instagram post.

  13. I live in Vegas and one of the pictures was in a casino called Red Rock and its in Summerlin. I go there all the time with my family to go eat and if I see him there I swear I'm gonna run

  14. Well he's certainly making good use of his NFL money that's been directly deposited into his account… $25,000/month and the juice is on the loose. New Bentley and more white women. 😂

  15. He served his time, right or wrong justice has been served and he payed society back by serving his time! LEAVE HIM ALONE NOW!

  16. Trace One says:

    He’s not black…he’s O.J.

  17. Why y'all always bringing up 1994

  18. the juice is loose   say young stuff  get that pussy oj

  19. I love how they censor the butt crack

  20. Biba Klico says:

    i cant stand to see a murderer free

  21. yes so says:

    Why would he upset the families of simpson and goldman? He was found innocent. I actually don't think he did it.

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