Aqua Di Lara Swimwear Show – Miami Swim Fashion Week 2012 – Bikini Models | FashionTV – MIAMI – Pink and prints are the name of the game for brand name Aqua Di Lara at Miami Swim Fashion Week 2012. Designer Reyhan Sofraci may be based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada but the statement-making style of her swimsuits seem to fit right in with the eye-catching style of Miami beachwear. There’s a European element to some of the bathing suits. After all, Sofraci sells her wares in Canada, USA, France, Belgium, Monaco, The Netherlands, and United Arab Emirates, but the bathing suits and cover-ups still hold on to the vibrant, fun and fancy-free party girl vibe of the Miami Beach/South Beach landscape.

Appearances: Reyhan Sofraci (Designer)

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  1. Aweome show. Finally no 'affirmative action models'!! Only ones worth watching. Great!!

  2. Raiderz says:

    LOl @ these skeletors and the bulimic retards who think they look good:)

  3. BE FRANCY says:

    Slim body is soooooooooooo elegant

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