The Makings of A Vegan Bikini Pro Competitor | Samantha Shorkey

Who says a rockin’ vegan body can’t turn minds and hearts along with heads? Vegan bikini pro competitor Samantha Shorkey is ethically vegan and uses her body as a weapon against outdated vegan stereotypes, proving that vegans (even girls!) can build muscle. In this interview she shares her journey to vegan and to bikini competing, a division of female bodybuilding by getting JACKED on the beanstalk!

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35 Responses

  1. Ayana Cheech says:

    "Can I eat your crust?" 😂

  2. vhee why says:

    I like her! Positive, fun and uplifting energy wrapped up in a gorgeous package!

  3. She's gorgeous…..and what a body!!!!!

  4. Chiara TV says:

    Her lighting was yellow, yours was white or clear..

  5. ttoyass says:

    I love this! I hope this isn't seen as to personal of a question: most women builders get implants due to the fat loss that comes from participating in the sport. Did you have to get implants?

  6. helzikinz says:

    Body and life goals! So inspiring and makes me proud being vegan 😍💪🐾

  7. Erin says:

    I am trying to transition to veganism, but am having so much trouble. I have always had this emotional dependence on my comfort foods. I also want to get fit so this is pretty inspiring and hopefully I can push myself to do this.

  8. Liz Loria says:

    i like that she only trains vegans. : )

  9. I am loving u&your great vids! keep up the great work

  10. you don't have a vegan body you have a meat eating body, you grow up eating meat correct?

  11. Sam Shorkey's personality is awesome! She seems so approachable and is definitely funny! I love her candor. Thanks for interviewing her!

  12. Love your channel! So much information and these interviews are perfect! Thank you, Thank you, Thank You!

  13. Samantha is an amazing person just like you, Emily! Thank you both for what you do in spreading awareness and inspiring change. Much love. #VegansForJustice #NurtureLove #VeganLove #BuildCommunity

  14. Yes finally found somebody to prove that you can do bodybuilding while having a vegan lifestyle!!! <3

  15. Joy Villa says:

    I love her! Great video:) I'm a first time vegan bikini competitor, please watch my videos! I aim to inspire!

  16. Amber Spath says:

    I'm vegan and I have extremely bad upper body strength (I blame it on my dad's bad genetics) but I'm one of the fastest on the girls track team. I'm trying to build my arm's but don't know where to start. I've researched body building for female vegan athlete's but can't find any useful information.

  17. Wicked! She seemed really down to earth too. Smashin' it!!!

  18. I don't wanna b a competitor but I want the body… Thanks 4 sharing

  19. Inka Be says:

    OMG thank you for sharing!! i want to be the second vegan bikini competitor awesome video very helpful 👍👍

  20. Gerry Gold says:

    Fantastic to see what a women can. do on a vegan diet. Wow she was so jacked up. Loved it loved it loved it😁😃😂😄😅💖

  21. Olivia JJL says:

    "Jacked on the beanstalk" is such a claver name! I love her even more!

  22. Can someone recommend some good female vegan bodybuilding channels?

  23. KillLulu says:

    Great video! I'm excited there's a plant based bikini competitor! Thanks SO much for the captions! I'm hard of hearing and it's hard for me to watch fitness and vegan info videos because there are no captions and the auto-generated captions are WAY off!

  24. Awesome video 🙂 vegan fit girls all the way !!!

  25. Is your dog vegan too ? How do you feed it ? Very Inspiring video ! Love from Paris, France !

  26. <3 to you and your love
    stay strong #GoVegan

  27. ZeusTruth says:

    Oh my god she is beautiful.

  28. Gus Alcon says:

    brutally honest, Shorkey seems quite normal I'd say she's into Fitness but not a Bodybuilder. cute but that's it Vegans are like religious people They preach their no meat BS everywhere yet the only truth is that If you eat right and work out right you will get somewhere. Also the Genes have a lot to answer for.

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