How to Talk to Bikini Models

Nikell from ASU featured in this year’s Tempe12 College Swimsuit Calendar explains how not to talk to a beautiful girl. She also says what she like sin a guy.

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8 Responses

  1. RosesReality says:

    Sorry guys, but I'd NEVER make the first move…just what I was taught.

  2. @bendix109 ur such an ass and ur racist. most blacks r really nice and thats just so mean to her wow just wow

  3. @bendix109 Erm…not all black girls. Every race has good and bad people.

  4. lol she should date white guys, we dont talk to girls like that.

  5. metaZen says:

    "would you date a bisexual guy?" wtf kind of question is that? the interviewer is probably curious (pun intended) because he like cocks up his butt..

  6. @bendix109 im guessing either one your a queer or two
    since you stay in-doors with your fantasy game females you dont know
    what a sexy woman looks like

  7. SLP1811 says:

    WhiteBoy? Fucking racist bitch…:)

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