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33 Responses

  1. Интересно в каком это городе?

  2. Как их много…….

  3. Hot Babes says:

    If you're looking for slutty singles this is the place

  4. Ton Toni says:

    Wat de fak, they are 50 0/0 fat and 50 0/0 sheet,. Fak

  5. كالأنعام بل هم أضل

  6. They all are very beautiful black women, isn't this a beach event?well that's what will bee seen .I see nothing wrong here at all honestly (fluffydivaz) turn up the flavour and heat)heart braking to see so much hate smh

  7. I saw a comment on here but when I take a look on who makes the comment mi jaw drop!!!!!! Youuuuu nuffi talk bout people…younare wayyyyyyy worse!! Dwl smh lol lmao.I think you are extremely jelousss!!!!smh.

  8. Everyone looks over dressed, like it's some basketball game and the dude in the sports slippers that were 2 sizes too big…..clowns.too much meat on display…when you think of a woman's ass, something's going to come out of it.So no big deal.

  9. Dan will says:

    man where the white women at it too many fat black chicks in this no body wants that crap

  10. poli Jamila says:

    They are all ugly forms you can not look at

  11. King El III says:

    Are there even any real black women left anymore? All I see are females wearing satan's hair, fake boob's and 95% are grossly overweight. This looks like a cesspool of rejects for a try out with the WWE. Some of these big hoe's can become the next heavyweight champ, I can see them jumping off the top rope and putting somebody in a coma. I think black females are allergic to exercise. Some of them are walking down the street looking for a sandwich shop to buy that triple cheese burger and fries and a diet coke. They only attract losers look @ 8:46, those are the types that they attract a bum looking to put his contaminated poverty dick into anything that moves. This is really a bad reality in black America.

  12. Warta B says:

    to much fat or to much plastic

  13. Very beautiful black ladies all shapes and size .. so much hate and racism in the comments why watch it if you don't like black women come on yo !

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