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21 Responses

  1. Uma dessa o cara casa na hr. Kkkkkkk

  2. I was a bit filled out at fourteen, but damn!!!

  3. droldsw31 says:

    JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!!!! Can I get thrown in PRISON and be RAPED for the next 20 years for watching this?????

  4. Troy Frost says:

    Definitely wish I was 17 again so I could fuck her… or that it was 400 years ago and I could just buy her from her father make her my wife and screw her 4 times a day. Damn feminists things never should have changed. Lol

  5. P. K says:

    she has a 15 year old face on a 25 year old body! weird 😛

  6. i jack off to this 5 times a day

  7. jamie s says:

    I love it when she shakes her ass at the camera. her dad taught her well

  8. I feel like i shouldnt be allowed to watch this

  9. to all the folks that watched this (12 times, jerked off, cleaned up …) and then said "this is disgusting" "This is wrong in so many levels." "Shouldn't be allowed. WTF" i'd like to quote Dr. Dre FUCK Y'ALL, ALL Y'ALL if you don't like it, don't watch it . you aren't her. you aren't her parent. it's none of your fucking business you mother fucking hypocrites. she is a stunningly beautiful young woman that worked incredibly hard to get to look that way. now find another kid to jerk-off to and whine about.

  10. Grey Soul says:

    I'm 17 and think she's smoking hot. But I also think all this is disgusting and she shouldn't be allowed to be on that stage

  11. Julio Smith says:

    So you put this 14 year old girl on stage wearing that almost bending over to the audience? This is wrong in so many levels.

  12. Scary that a child is doing this.Dieting down to compete is unhealthy at any age but this is far too young.

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