Bikini Body Mommy Challenge 7.0: Day 01

WELCOME to DAY 1 of my FREE 90 DAY CHALLENGE 7.0! Every day for the next 90 Days I am going to be LIVE right here on FACEBOOK as well as INSTAGRAM LIVE at 10:30am/PST filming the WORKOUTS LIVE with you!

**REPLAYS will be available immediately here on FACEBOOK as well as later in the day on the BBM STREAMING PLATFORM under the Challenge 7.0 Tab at:

This challenge is *NEW-MOM FRIENDLY (*If you’ve been cleared by your doctor to exercise) • BREASTFEEDING-MOM APPROVED • BEGINNER-FRIENDLY • and all SPOUSES are Welcome!

The ONLY THING THAT I ASK for providing these Workouts FREE is that you share your workout scores EACH DAY along with your #BBM_SweatySelfie Below!!!!

Here is Today’s AGENDA! Please “like” this post, and so that I know you saw it!!! 💞

⏰ 9:30AM/PST — I will be LIVE in the Exclusive VIP INNER CIRCLE doing my personal LIVE WEIGH-in and Measurements. (*This is a normal occurrence in the VIP group on Monday Mornings) JOIN VIP HERE:…/bikinibodymommy-vip/

⏰ 10:30AM/PST— I will be LIVE on the main community FB page (as well as Instagram LIVE) to Film the 7.0 DAY 1 FITTEST! *REPLAY WILL BE AVAILABLE later today at

⏰ 10:45AM/PST — I will be LIVE in VIP INNER CIRCLE to film the first VIP 5-Minute BONUS POWER MOVE! JOIN VIP HERE:…/bikinibodymommy-vip/

⏰ 10:50AM/PST — Those who want to immediately end either the Fittest today or the VIP POWER MOVE with the 5-minute Bonus AB SERIES can find it (as a BBM VIP or PREMIUM MEMBER) at

⏰ 5PM/PST — I will be LIVE in VIP for my regularly scheduled (Monday/Wednesday/Friday) MOTIVATIONAL LIVE TALK and LIVE GIVEAWAY of a Personal phone call!

⏰ 9PM/PST — Week 1 of the NEW VIP MINDSET MASTERY SERIES on “Goal Setting” will be available on the VIP DASHBOARD at

🙌🏻 *NEW 7.0 WORKBOOK: This is the ONLY TOOL you will use everyday of the challenge! Get yours here:…/challenge-7-0-digital-w…

🙌🏻 *MEAL PLAN QUESTIONS: I covered the NEW MEAL PLAN (Accelerated vs. Balanced recipes, and which is BEST for YOU) in great detail in my VIP INNER CIRCLE on FB live LAST NIGHT! JOIN VIP HERE for immediate access:…/bikinibodymommy-vip

🙌🏻 *DIETBET: Have you joined yet? Better hurry! If you are planning on losing weight this is your chance to do it for $$$!!!! Http://

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30 Responses

  1. I am starting today, I did the 6.0 last year.

  2. J Holmes says:

    Starting 4 days late, but determined to do the whole 90 days, plus ab series!!

  3. Only just discovered this so I'm a few days late! Will be following behind you all!

  4. Amy Plemons says:

    Day one ✔

  5. Sol Pastu says:

    Done! 😅
    Prisoner squats 23
    Push ups 16
    Mountain Climbers 35
    Lunges 17
    Jump Squats 15
    High knees 55
    Bridge tricept dips 22
    Plank up downs10

  6. 30
    12 (knees)
    12 (knees)

  7. Day 1 done! you are such an inspiration, thank you!

  8. Jessica says:

    Missing the timer on the screen as well but still following along and kicking booty! Thanks so much!

  9. Please show us the timer on the front screen like previous BBM challenges.

  10. Are these posted on You Tube the same day or the next day? Thank you. I have completed day 1 and 2, but had some tech troubles on my laptop and would prefer to view on the smart tv.

  11. 40
    Great workout! I am missing the timer on the screen though. 🙁

  12. Susan Rogers says:

    Not really loving the live format. Even if I were on the west coast it would be so late but I live on the east coast…it's not even up by my sons last nap of the day 😕. I'm doing this challenge a day behind so I guess my rest day is now Monday? Also miss the timer and workout on screen. Hope this is the only live challenge

  13. Fit test done !
    Prisoner squats 27
    Push ups 13
    Mountain climbers 90
    Lunges 11
    Jump squats 20
    High knees 63
    Bridge tricep dips 10
    Plank up downs 8

    I'm feeling it already !!!! I have a 9 month old so I'm ready to shed the weight. Breastfeeding hasn't helped me lose much, it seems to be sticking to me

  14. Just the beginning and i'm alreafy having a hard time. 20/17/40/12/15/72/11/6. Thank u so much for this program.

  15. Really out of shape. Have not worked out in over a year. 15 prisoners squat, 8 pushups on knees, 10 mountain climbers, 20 alternating lungs, 15 jump squats, 40 high knees modified, 20 triceps over the head and 9 plank up and downs.

  16. Love the workout! What happened to the timer and exercises listed on screen?

  17. Are you of you ladies or gentleman adding any treadmill workout with this. I want to add 20-30 mins of walking on the treadmill 3 days a week but dont know if it's a good idea or not.

  18. Lacy Czerny says:

    I'm a day behind, but day one is done!

  19. Day 1 done! My fifth baby is 12 weeks old and I’m excited to get fit with you this year!
    Prisoner speed squats 29
    Push ups 22 (modified)
    Mountain climbers 51
    Lunges 18
    Jump squat 18
    High knees 37
    Bridge dips 19
    Plank up downs 11

  20. Thank you for posting on You Tube.

  21. Anna Lattin says:

    Done! I haven't done BBM for about a year (started doing Zumba) but now im at the point where i need to add in something more! So excited to be back!!!!

  22. judy arbour says:

    Dang !! I've done all your challenges.. 1st time lost 60lbs had a baby and then lost 75lbs the 2nd time.. now I'm expecting my 3rd.. be back in 9 months!!

  23. Day 1!!! Done!! Ouch after about 4 months of no exercising in any way. Thanks Briana! I’ve completed every other challenge and loved it!

  24. Valerie J says:

    Yay!!! You’re putting this on YouTube. I’m unable to sign up access for 7.0. I’ve tried so many times. Glad it’s here 🙂

  25. Thank goodness it's on youtube! Day 1 done!

  26. Yay!! I’m so happy to see it posted on YouTube! Just finished!!💪

  27. L4 says:

    Got it done 🤸🏽‍♀️💪🏽

  28. Loved it! Did it this morning Live and I’m already sore!!

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