Game के लिए शॉप में बैठा दीं Bikini Models, फिर जो हुआ….

Game के लिए शॉप में बैठा दीं Bikini Models, फिर जो हुआ….

Bikini Models at the shop for the game, then what happened ….
A game shop in Taiwan has become quite popular among the people here. In this shop in Tanan City, Honor sat with bikini girls with soft tips in glass boxes. Visitors who had to play the game had to take these toage through the mechanical claw. Instead, they get these tips and the rest of the things kept in the gifts. To get this game fun, people started getting started here. Although some people have criticized such use of girls, after which they had to be removed.

Three girls were seated in three boxes, whose names were Keira, Kara and Kim. These give visitors a soft toage gift through a game.
The three models also energize people coming here for the game. Along with this, the visitors also help in playing the game.
Visitor Lin Lee Huang told that it was fun to go to the park and to enjoy the game with the girls. Never before have I won such games.
However, some online users also shared the issue with it. Emmy wrote, It would also be embarrassing to show my daughter to me. We can not present such examples to our children.
Here Ben Ben said that these women are misinterpreted. This kind of idea is not good at all in the 21st century.

Honor Monmonda said that the game was quite popular, but after the protests the models had to be removed. Before starting such events in the future, we will take decisions carefully. Many people enjoyed it and took it as a fun, but many people stood against it too.

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