Bikini Body Mommy Challenge 7.0: Day 05

WELCOME to DAY 5 of my FREE 90 DAY CHALLENGE 7.0! Every day for the next 85 Days I am going to be LIVE right here on FACEBOOK as well as INSTAGRAM LIVE at 10:30am/PST filming the WORKOUTS LIVE with you!

**REPLAYS will be available immediately here on FACEBOOK as well as later in the day on the BBM STREAMING PLATFORM under the Challenge 7.0 Tab at:

This challenge is *NEW-MOM FRIENDLY (*If you’ve been cleared by your doctor to exercise) • BREASTFEEDING-MOM APPROVED • BEGINNER-FRIENDLY • and all SPOUSES are Welcome!

REMEMBER: The ONLY THING THAT I ASK for providing these Workouts FREE is that you share your workout scores EACH DAY along with your #BBM_SweatySelfie Below!!!!


*Set Your Timers for 45 Seconds ON / With 15 Seconds of Rest Between Each Move.

1. Squat Press

2. Alt. Reverse Lunges

3. Reverse Dumbbell Fly

4. Stiff-Leg Deadlift

5. Push-ups

6. Dumbbell Front Squat

7. Bicep Curl / Front Raise

8. Kneeling One-leg Squat (right)

9. Kneeling One-leg Squat (left)

10. Plank Up-Downs

DAY 5 BBMC 7.0: Here is Today’s AGENDA! Please “like” this post, and so that I know you saw it!!! 💞

⏰ 10:30AM/PST— I will be LIVE on the main community FB page (as well as Instagram LIVE) to Film the DAY 3 STRENGTH WORKOUT! *REPLAY WILL BE AVAILABLE immediately here on Facebook as well as later today at

⏰ 10:55AM/PST — Those who want to immediately end either their DAY 3 STRENGTH WORKOUT today with the VIP 5-Minute POWER MOVE #1 (and/or) the the 5-minute Bonus AB SERIES can find it (as a BBM VIP or PREMIUM MEMBER) here:

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___________________________________________________________ ________________


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10 Responses

  1. Omg struggled today but done day 4 !!! X

  2. Totally get it.. middle child wants to take the wts I'm trying to use. I guess telling me I need to use heavier wts

  3. Loved the workout again but really missing the timer . . . can we bring it back??

  4. Starcaller says:

    Why is there no timer on this challenge? Is it because it's live?

  5. L4 says:

    Got it done. My scores improved some but I watching my form more because I always over extend my knees.

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