Downfalls To Prep | Arm Workout | BIKINI PREP

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4 Responses

  1. Congratulations on 1500 subscribers.I watch your videos.Check out mine and subscribe for more

  2. Tay Fit says:

    Hey girl! Great video! Whats your advise on getting over any fear/awkwardness when bringing your camera to the gym? When I film at the gym I still feel so awkward haha Idk why!

  3. such an honest talk that so many can relate to!  I have to say that was very sweet of him to drop you off and eat it in the car… most guys wouldn't be so considerate

  4. thank you for the idea about stretching my wrists before practicing my handstands, I have been working on my wrist flexibility and it has helped tremendously. I washed my car yesterday, the car wash was so busy cars were lined up in the streets.
    are your leggings @ 17:17 ptula? I love the color and pockets. My husband can always eat so much food, I and never diets I always have to watch what I eat it really makes me mad sometimes too, but I realize I could eat like him if I didn't have fitness goals but at the end of the day my goals come first and if he wants to have six bowls of cereal for breakfast its his option, Lol

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