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Jan 24, 2018-Pittsburgh, PA

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Rock Your Hair on Tour: Indianapolis, IN

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Feb 06, 2018-Houston, TX

Feb 07, 2018-Dallas, TX

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Feb 14, 2018-Salt Lake City, UT

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Feb 22, 2018-Dallas, TX
Rock Your Hair on Tour: Dallas, TX

Mar 09, 2018-Washington, DC
Rock Your Hair on Tour: Washington, DC

Mar 23, 2018-Columbus, OH
Rock Your Hair on Tour: Columbus, OH

Apr 06, 2018-Anaheim, CA
Rock Your Hair on Tour: Anaheim, CA

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  3. hi 😊 you r looking sooooo…

  4. 10:34 que delicia deseara pasarle lenguita a su sapito ya deve de tener sus primeros bellitos

  5. πŸ˜πŸ‘β­βœŒπŸ’™

  6. change videos?

  7. Rick Barr says:

    12:34Β G Precious girl is dreaming I β™‘ her 🐾's *.:q✿*゚ β€˜οΎŸ.

  8. JW Mack says:

    Wait, you haven't always home schooled?

  9. Toni Stone says:

    Your really, really hot. And my name is Dakota .

  10. Pre00 says:

    wow this dad wants his daughter incest pervs

  11. Jim Saber says:

    I'm a sexy girl too! did u smear thelemite poop on you before you jumped into your dads jizz pool?

  12. QOTD what book are you reading
    AOTD kylie jean and ivy + bean

  13. ida Reveles says:

    I been watching y’all for 80 years

  14. I am reading the same book as Annie I love it it’s an amazing story about a girl who moved to a new town!

  15. Kate's World says:

    It looks like Hayley in the thumbnail, like if you agree

  16. im maling my self to you guys

  17. My current book is Dork Diaries

  18. I thought Hayley was getting into the hot tub and she had her Leo on πŸ˜±πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚

  19. i looooove Esperanza rising!!!!

  20. I'm reading the same book as annie

  21. ttgaming 4 says:

    I am currently reading the fault in our stars by John green

  22. That book πŸ“š is going to be boring and okay

  23. Esperanza means hope so Annie is reading hope Rising

  24. mummy and daddy's little jewish bread winner, soaking in a hot tub half naked giving pedo rabbi's hard on's. you must be so proud

  25. how do u have 4 million subs WTF

  26. lil Steph says:

    tori alexi thompso and Stephen AND WITTY

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