Bikini Body Mommy Challenge 7.0: Day 16

It’s a Cardio Day for Day 16! Lace up, and let’s get moving!!
Set Your Timers for 20 Seconds on with 10 seconds of rest for each exercise! Repeat this series x 2 sets! Here is your line up:

1. Sprint In Place
2. Speed Skaters
3. Pogo hops
4. Windmill T-Stands
5. Irish Jig
6. Speed Skaters
7. Front Jacks
8. Pendulum Plank

WAIT! Don’t forget when you are done to jump right into the 5- Minute Bonus VIP Power Move and/or 5- Minute Bonus Ab Series here:

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11 Responses

  1. Amy morrison says:

    Check to make sure you monetization is checked on this one (I put on my shoes while the ads run 😉 Yay! For the timer too! Thank you!

  2. S T says:

    All of the sudden, I noticed there was the timer! Yay! I am so glad it is back! Thank you!

  3. I am 2 days behind but also on the east coast so I can do the workout first thing in the A.M. I was not stoked about repeating this workout but it's all good. It's a neat idea. Thanks for being you and making a live video 😚😚

  4. Nancy Skuce says:

    Done. I like that we get to do these exercises again. I was able to get into a full side plank for the windmill t-stand this time. First round I was only able to lift my arm!

  5. L4 says:

    Got it done ✅ 66/67-12/17-43/46-12/15-41/48-16/19-23/27-30/36

  6. I love your challenges! I’ve always fallen off before, but I’m completing this one! I’m on day behind, and am loving this love format! Thank you so much for doing this!

  7. Mindychen8 says:

    i'm glad that u show again the timer 🙂 for me it wasn't the same without it:D

  8. Elisa Campos says:

    My husband decided to do the workout with me this time. I don't know why or how but I'm glad because we are pushing each other.

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