Coffee Chat With K&K ~ How We Got Into Fitness and Created Tone It Up!

Hi girls! Check out for a NEW Coffee Chat we filmed for you! We’re talking all about how we got into fitness and started Tone It Up. We get this question all the time so we’re diving into it from the very beginning!

We both fell in love with fitness from a young age and then had very different paths, but they both led us to each other and to YOU! Everything led us here, to meeting each other, to creating Tone It Up, and to sharing this beautiful community with you! It was fitness destiny ✨

And join us at for your new Love Your Body Series! We’ll have brand new workouts every week, plus tons of nutrition advice, coffee chats, mindful meditations, and motivation to love your body, mind, and soul!

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24 Responses

  1. Tone It Up says:

    Hey babes!! This new Coffee Chat at is very close to our hearts! We’re sharing how we first fell in love with fitness, how we met, and our inspiration for creating Tone It Up. We can’t wait for you to watch it! xxo

  2. NatalieNumie says:

    It's so cute when they talk about how they met! It's like watching the cutest old married couple

  3. Karena, you have to write a book! Your story is so inspirational and motivational, it could change lives on a level beyond health & fitness! Love what you guys do 🙂

  4. Aw u girls are so cute! ❤️. Friendship goals!

  5. I wish I could find a friendship like yours… I have 1 good friend but she lives an hour away and is a newlywed .. even tho she is always there for me, it gets hard to make plans when life gets in the way and we have such separate lives. I wish I could find someone to share what I love and am trying to get into fitness. you guys are truly blessed.

  6. Missy W says:

    You all have no idea what an inspiration you've been as a military wife , Mom and wife love how you have been able to inspire me and keep helping me chase my dream as a personal trainer and getting my body back after baby you're simply amazing thanks to you 2018 will be the best year ever, thanks for sharing your expetience.

  7. Lauren Beeco says:

    Hi! You girls are so beautiful! Thank you for sharing your stories!

    Not related but I want to know — Can you tell us where you got your sweaters? 🙂

  8. mommyof3 says:

    I take my kids to my kick boxing gym all the time 😀. They know all my moves 😆

  9. Thank you for sharing your amazing stories and for your knowledge! So inspiring and thank you for creating Tone it up!

  10. Kaya Elena says:

    I just love how much you love each other, this is just too beautiful!

  11. Where can we get the cute pastel activewear that you and your team has? I want some!

  12. Maddy Harvey says:

    Found TIU when I was 16, now I'm 21. Crazy how much you guys have expanded your brand. Thank you for helping me lose the teenager weight and develop my fitness habit for life.

  13. Karena & Katrina you will always be my biggest inspiration!! You ladies have come so far and you've both turned negative experiences into such positive, uplifting gifts for millions of girls (and boyfriends/husbands of those girls, who reap the benefits as well… as my boyfriend will tell me). I hope you girls continue to do what you do… because as long as you do, I will be a proud supporter, repping my 1,001 TIU items that I have at home hehe <3.  -Katie    PS – taking my registration exam to be a dietitian next month… and planning to move to Manhattan Beach area… if you ever need a dietitian on your team… I'm your girl <3<3

  14. Katrina, I would LOVE to hear more about your pre and post natal fitness/nutrition background. I know lots of other TIU mamas and mamas to be would also love that as well!! Maybe even something for us TIU Members geared towards pre and post natal to go along with the amazing plans you've already created! 😀

  15. Love the coffee cups ♥️can I buy it?

  16. Grace says:

    How old were you two, when you met? I love your friendship but I feel like I haven’t met my bestie yet.. 💗

  17. Brecken Rupp says:

    This video is so inspiring in so many aspects! You both have the most beautiful energies!

  18. Mayonnaise says:

    This was so amazing & authentic! Love you girls! Thank you! 💋

  19. Soph says:

    I watched this while doing my daily moves… so inspiring and honest, I love it!! <3

  20. Love Karena’s story pls share more on recovery for those of us struggling

  21. Brenda Canas says:

    Thank you for being so honest and open with your story. I just got laid off of my full time job a week ago and I saw this as an opportunity to re-start up my passion for sharing the love of living a healthy lifestyle through YouTube and Instagram… this was the inspiration I needed today! I have so much love for you girls and I'm very grateful for your love and passion for the community! XOXO

  22. I've been watching you both for years. Sooo cute!!

  23. Emma Rishel says:

    Could Winnie be any cuter??!!! But I also LOVE these chats, they always give me so much advice 💕💕💕

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