My Storage Unit Flooded, Saving Private Kate and Plus Size Models — SS99.5

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In this episode, I yell about my storage unit flooding, Daily Mail trying to empower people for dumb stuff and what to do with 10,000 dollars
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19 Responses

  1. Liam I think you need to go to the apple store and enquire about getting the new apple carpet for your underwater storage unit! (Carpet drying charger not included)

  2. As long as it's clean water, I'd just hang up the carpet outside to dry. If it's all dirty and gross, definitely demand they replace it

  3. JJJBunney001 says:

    There should be something about liability in the contract you signed when you rented the place out. You can just email them and ask about who is responsible for damages inside the storage unit

  4. Putin says:

    Im glad they promote the being fat so now all the disgusting greasy SJW's will die before 40

  5. Also i was wandering why you use a fish eye lens for the podcast

  6. I preferred the audio that echoed

  7. About the carpet you could allways email into a podcast and get some advice 😏

  8. PhonixTeam says:

    I'm sure they have to pay for it, make sure you slam em boi

  9. ; says:

    My favourite Lewis Spears joke is him thinking he is a 6 or 7

  10. JayJ AccaDC1 says:

    make them buy you another carpet or at least get it dry cleaned. and find another storage shed

  11. Jayfs100 says:

    lost my shit when you said: I am not just a relatable cunt

  12. Kyle hootchy says:

    Hectic light set up an a green screen or seeds of green in a storge shed with coded security gates an im sure u also have "fish tank" water pumps set up in there. What are u growimg in there lewis

  13. Emmi Terez says:

    Did your contract with the storage company say that they would pay for damages to the property, or was it just 'cover your own ass cunt, not our fault'?

    Also fans are a good idea, and if you can be fucked then a dehumidifier would help. If not just bring the carpet out and let it drip dry in the sun and use some carpet odour remover on it.

  14. I love Lewis's unimpressed question voice, y'know the voice he has when he says stuff like "does he? Does he really?"

  15. Matteqa says:

    Cant wait for Luke and Liam!

  16. Ronnie Patty says:

    I had a shit week i brought my bike with me on the train then had to catch a replacement bus but i couldn't bring my bike so i had to ride home but before i did i had to spend $30 on a data recharge took me 20 minutes to do btw (dick head) after i did i got a notification from you channel i was happy my day wasn't so shit i thought wrong it wasn't the podcast it put me in a shit mood

  17. What happened to the audio at 16:30 ?

    I present the newest tech in moisture removal, the desk fan!

  18. I swear Lewis either has a completely empty mundane week or a completely full entertaining week

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