5 Hottest Crossfit Girls

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I really like crossfit girls. They so strong and hot. And those body – good motivation for everybody! Just do the same work hard, and be perfect!

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49 Responses


  2. Disliked for too many ads. 👍🏼

  3. Dazzaman says:

    Number 3 looks best to me…..way prettier face then the others. Christmas Abbott has too many tattoos….real ugly shit.

  4. The caption is in the way. Can't you use it at the end of this video? A bummer video. Sorry thumbs down. No I will subscribe.

  5. Where are the black crossfit girls…I bet they would look yummy!

  6. She looks good but when she drops the bar on her collarbone, that can be dangerous. She has the wrong technique. Nonetheless, everything else looks fine. good job!

  7. J.D. Maya says:


  8. Rob Keller says:

    you all are awesome what is a Dnb?

  9. 842qwery says:

    If I'm a woman and I start noticing that people accidentally start referring to me as "sir" or "dude" or I get an excessive amount of compliments on my triceps/biceps, I don't know; maybe I'll take a week off from workouts and have a taco…

  10. the Ager Bomb !!!  where's Annie tho ?

  11. King Chibot says:

    The kipping pullup…cringe.

  12. King Chibot says:

    Why is she even bothering with the muscle ups if she is just going to swing down and up? Why not do a couple right instead of a dozen incorrectly? I just don't get it.

  13. j Hendrickx says:

    no Camille Leblanc-Bazinet??

  14. Lauren Fisher is hotter than all 5

  15. When Christmas
    finish her WOD
    i wanna lick her
    anal sweat.

  16. MrAgonious says:

    it's better than sitting home all day though that's for sure

  17. Girls for fit guys, others go to the market

  18. I went to a bingo event the other day and saw hotter grandma's with vericose veins and dentures.

  19. A shame they do such a retarded "sport".

  20. All extremely impressive… The cute little blonde girl at the end was almost unbelievable…Look at that front squat at 23:58…Her lifts would even be impressive for a man 100 pounds heavier…This girl is Olympic gold medal material…
    I wonder what she'd look like training specifically for muscle…(bodybuilding…)…
    It looked like she had that "Hercules Gene" where they have super mitochondria making them strong as hell…There was a 70 pound little girl in the Ukraine who was doing 400 pound deadlifts with no training…

  21. ultimaniac1 says:

    Christmas Abbot should definitely not be on this list.

  22. 19stalkern says:

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I'm in love.

  23. wow ..look at the jealous guys in the background!!! disrepectful assholes… wheres their videos ??

  24. Rampage says:

    OMG, I need a crossfit girl in my life.

  25. Jeff K says:

    They would be more attractive without all that tattoos.

  26. All women in their' prime should be menstruating….half of these women…I wonder about?

  27. TwoSet says:

    Why does everyone hate Andrea Ager?

  28. 4thcavalier says:

    why do crossfitters always dance in someones shot?

  29. 19:18 still gotta find a fucking sense in that exercise…there's like 0 back and arm strenght involved…it's all about a pendulum movement using legs….so useless .

  30. Rich Horner says:

    Yeah they're gorgeous and all but I really enjoyed watching the outstanding technique and the music was good too. I just started crossfit 5 months ago so I really appreciate great technique.

  31. YeastyGeorge says:

    I accidentally touched my penis a bunch of times in a back and forth motion, by accident, and spilled several ounces of semen on my bathroom floor :'(

  32. devorivera says:

    Crossfit. A good way to hurt yourself

  33. Isaac Melgar says:

    Big arms check, big shoulders check, big ass no check.

  34. Andrew oprey says:

    The second girl by far is the hottest. Jackie imo

  35. Hi Cow says:

    Mucle women will never be attractive

  36. After watching so many snatches, it's time for me to clean and jerk.

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