Bikini Kettlebell Workout ☀ BIKINI SERIES

Sculpt, tone & tighten all over with your NEW BIKINI KETTLEBELL routine! ~

This workout targets all the areas your summer bikini will showcase, including your arms, abs, thighs & BOOTY ~

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34 Responses

  1. Tara M says:

    Always love coming back to your kettlebell routines Miss Kat!! You've got a gift and it motivates the heck out of me <3 Thank you again. Peace & love xx

  2. Wow!! I enjoyed it very much!! Thank you 😘

  3. Vicky Sts says:

    Great kettlebell workout 🙂

  4. 2017 Bikini Series 2 week pre-prep! Great video Kat, Thank you!

  5. Love this workout!! So much sweat 💪

  6. melbell713 says:

    omg I can definitely feel this one! What a great total body workout 🙂 Love being a tiu girl.

  7. Jamaiya Penn says:

    I still do this workout almost two years later, its so good!

  8. xenaxaful says:

    Helo, how often I should do Bikini Kettelbell Workout? I have kettel 11 LBS. I want burn my fat, on wensday I go to aerobic 1 hour , on thursday i have a pilates 1hour.

  9. 네임캐슬 says:

    hi~katrina ^^I'm yun.nice to meet you.I want a have my pretty body~😢I live my home front of beach^^and I watching you program well~^^
    I would like to follow hard ~^^.

  10. 네임캐슬 says:

    hello katrina ~I'm yun. I'm from Korean^^thank you so much.thanks for helping.
    I wanna nice body.

  11. Hi there! About how many calories are burned in this workout? Thanks!

  12. I've done a LOT of your workouts, and I honestly think this is my favorite one yet! I love that the moves weren't super complicated and they were easy on the joints – I was a competitive athlete for 15+ years, so I'm usually aching by the end of HIIT workouts. Plus kettlebells are so great for sneaking a little cardio into lifting and toning time. Thank you!!

  13. Nicole Groch says:

    thanks that was an awesome workout

  14. Leah Steele says:

    Hey Ladies!This is my absolute favourite workout. Even when I am feeling completely unmotivated, I always manage to at the very least make it through this video. I am so curious, approximately how many calories are burned during this workout? Thanks <3

  15. KCorrine says:

    I had to scream at the tv during the swings. It felt like five minutes! Lol! I really love kettlebell workouts, such great toning and cardio. I won't lie, I had to hit pause twice but I finished it!

  16. Cara J says:

    Enjoyed this kettlebell workout.

  17. How heavy are your weights?? That kettle bell and the dumbbells?!?!

    PLS 🙂

  18. awesome workout as always 🙂

  19. melss94ish says:

    Dang! This is the most intense kettlebell video you guys have on your channel. And my favorite! 🙂 Keep it up!

  20. MASHA says:

    great workout! I'm still breathing fast!

  21. This was such a good workout! I have a 5 pound kettle bell. I need to get a heavier one.

  22. craig6t says:

    Nice Video: I'm a guy and you got me wanting to do these moves. I can't wait to try this!

  23. PHEW! That was awesome! Thanks for all your workouts!!

  24. Emelia James says:

    What is the weight of that kettle bell?

  25. Just purchased my first kettlebell! Now I can do kettle bell workouts with Katrina! woot woot! Loved this one. Whole body workout. 🙂 Thanks, K and K!

  26. This was a killer kettelbell workout but I completed it.

  27. Amy p says:

    great video!!!I was curious what size kettle bell did you use for this workout?

  28. This was really great! I was using a 6kg kettle bell but had to downgrade for some of the moves. Hopefully as I keep doing this I will be stronger 🙂

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