Full Body Bikini Workout & Improve Core Strength

Exercises to help improve core and back strength. Get ready for another kick your butt workout! 😉

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33 Responses

  1. Meewa Hemin says:

    Plz write out the workouts in description..

  2. Ness Lou says:

    waww too many exercises . I'll try to do this workout tomorrow thank you beautiful

  3. Alexis Lopez says:

    Hey Jen!!! I just wanted to say thanks for posting ALL of these workout videos. I ALWAYS follow your regiment at the gym and you KICK MY ASS! Thanks for pushing me girl!!

  4. JEN ! Everyday I workout with your workouts ! 🙂after having 3 kids I have seen major changes in just 7 months of having my 3rd baby I love your workouts there amazing and more then anaything i love to see your smiling face and happy personality it motivates me so much and doesn't make me feel like it's impossible to get into shape love you so much please keep it up girl ! 🌺

    – Daniela from Jersey 🙂

  5. Goals. I'm impressed how you did not seem to break a sweat.

  6. That is so cool! Love it girl, so motivating!!

  7. traichle says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE you guys!!!!

  8. Julia Reyder says:

    I know this is like a year late but what is that shirt you're wearing in the beginning? The grey and black is amazing!!

  9. Mary Powell says:

    Love the videos so very much! Can we get a full chest and shoulders workout one day please? I watch your videos everyday before going to the gym they are great reminders and motivation.

  10. You should make a HUNNY BUNS app 🙂 that helps us track our macros and even download/complete workouts!! I'd pay for that APP because i LOVE YOU <3 haha

  11. yea , think a toned butt would help your back too

  12. krish sharma says:

    I love all your videos 👍Love d way uh describe 💋 Perfect 👌

  13. I just had knee surgery are there any workout moves you can show that ate easy on the knees? Thank you!

  14. What is the Price of all classes I am a mother of 5 on a fix income I want to get strong everywhere

  15. Keknegen kai says:

    I really want to come to the US just to work out because it looks fun to work out there 😭😄

    your underarms tho 😍

  16. uh the crunches had bad technik… the lower lumb always stays on the ground. anteroir pelvic tilt is very bad there

  17. I just discovered your channel, good work! keep i up. About the squad with pause does it count as isomeric excercise with weight?

  18. VelarGrant says:

    Thank you so much !!! love your video.Best regards from London :)))))))))

  19. Gofitan says:

    Can you do just a ab workout!

  20. please, make a playlist with your songs at spotify!!

  21. This workout was not as easy as Hunny Bunz makes it look ! which is a good thing!! thank you Jen!!

  22. I want your SoundCloud!!! Where you get all your music!!!!!! Pleaseeeeee

  23. Kat says:

    love you, you're amazing!! can't wait to try these exercises!

  24. I appreciate that you include tips for making the workout less strenuous.

  25. I love all of your videos! Thank you for showing the different ways you can do each exercise! Your personality makes each video really fun and you make going to the gym fun.

  26. Such a professional! I love you Jen! WE love you! <3

  27. Jen! it would be totally awesome if you started making recipe videos again I love all your ideas on instagram.

  28. Leanne Ward says:

    Hey Jen where is your long sleeve top from that you're wearing in the beginning?! I prefer wearing long sleeves for Muai Thai and can't find decent ones anywhere!!! Thanks 🙂

  29. MsAponte69 says:

    Wish there were gyms like yours in Tucson, az

  30. kns88 says:

    Girl, your legs are perfection! Thank you so much for creating this dumbbell workout!

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