Get a Sexy Bikini Body in Just 10 Minutes

If you can spare 10 minutes, we have a full-body workout to help you get ready for bikini season — it’s just around the corner. Press play and let Promax DOer trainer Holly Perkins lead you through a sweat session that will work you from head to toe.

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31 Responses

  1. EXCELLENT workout! You guys know how to target key areas Quickly! Your videos
    have become a necessary staple for me! Iam forever thankful. No nonsense,
    and to the point LOVITTT….."))))

  2. DanielleinDC says:

    Whoo, this is tough. I can feel it. But as an out-of-shape middle-aged woman, I'm going to keep trying.

  3. Jasmine R says:

    This is amazing I really felt it working in the targeted areas!

  4. I wanna loose 10 pounds in 2 weeks

  5. boudenas says:

    Short but efficient to start a day rapidly!

  6. pasha jugnu says:

    Can Men do this workout as well ? 
    What should be the intensity

  7. xogeorgiaxo says:

    When I do the last two excercises I can feel movement in my lower back and you said in the video that was a bad thing, what should I do to stop that from happening? Love this work out, thankyou! X

  8. so this one killed. definately got the sweat going but for 10 minutes its so worth it!

  9. Esrail Rain says:

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  12. pippo mio says:

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  15. Shobana Bala says:

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  16. tell me is there any exercises that not increasing the amount of muscle for women's shoulders, but they help to reduce the volume? I have a problem in this area and also a thick neck …. it's not so nice when my long, slender legs and narrow hips ….. but probably it is the consequences of my sedentary lifestyle and work in the office in front of the computer ….

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  18. ufff! sweating alot …. can u tell me how many calories will i burn doin dis once in a day ?

  19. i luv this video…. bt for how many times a day n for how many days should i do dis workout to lose 1 inch frm my legs ??

  20. Sumoon Giri says:

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  21. Diana Razon says:

    I love these workouts! I go to the gym regularly and It takes me twice the time to get my heart racing like this.. im going to start incorporating these videos into my workout routine!

  22. Kali Foster says:

    Would this lose fat or just add muscle?? Plz plz plz reply

  23. Igor Lusikov says:

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  28. Hoang Vinh says:

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  29. if i am a bit chubby (150 lbs) will this just pack on muscle and make me look bigger?

  30. Steph says:

    im going to try this at home… love it!

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