#1: Bikini Models Reveal Benefits Of Plant Based Vegan Diet | PART 1

This Plant Based News video is the first in a series featuring interviews with many vegan fitness and bikini models.

The series includes:

Amanda Fisher

Angie Sadeghi, MD

Anna Maree Hagley

Athena Turner

Crissi Carvalho

Daria Deptula

Deni Kirkova

Emily Sell

Emma Hurst


Hannah Lebrun

Bianca Taylor

Holly Brown

Jade McMullen

Jasmine Marie

Jayde Nicole

Jessica Hutchens

Kileigh Branae

Lesley Cain

Lilian D. Aguilar

Lottie Siann

Marie Millers

Tania Lucely

Stefanie Moir

Simone Simpson

Samantha Shorkey

Flora Beverley

Michelle Muench

Sally Taylor

Natalie Matthews

Tia Blanco

Zanna van Dijk

Brin Dillon

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48 Responses

  1. Vegans are exceptionally beautiful! Jaw dropping women. Healthy bodies AND empathetic/compassionate lifestyles? What more could you ask for.

  2. Seriously PBN. The thumbnail was the most fuego images in the whole video. It’s like we have the same taste in chicas.

  3. Richard Kemp says:

    Well I did Veganary and I put on over 4kg! I was horrified.

  4. I’ve researched this video three times already. Thank you. 👊🏽

  5. Another great segment PBN! Getting the message out there and feeling good while doing it – these ladies rock!

  6. jlebrech says:

    watch out, bikini models soon to be banned to grid girls.

  7. I see some surgery there….not so beautiful… (and vegan?)

  8. Bryanth29 says:

    Wow the one black interview left till the last 20 seconds…

  9. Stephen Lake says:

    Great video. I keep switching between vegan whole plant based and the SAD diet. This video has given me the inspiration to stay vegan. So thanks 👍.

  10. I look forward to GOING DEEP into this topic and getting into all the DIRTY details. I'm glad that this topic has COME to the forefront. 😉

  11. Mandee Lei says:

    I must be doing it wrong lol

  12. xFuzzyLove says:

    People, people…… just because their body is like this. Doesn’t mean your body will look like this on a whole food vegan diet or just a vegan diet. Everyone has a different body and journey. These women are beautiful, you are too. Just putting this out there.

  13. Great video 💪🏽 I found it uplifting and motivating, and I’m sure this is just a small sampling!

  14. Same happened to me! Down 15…rarely go to the gym anymore and best body of my life!

  15. Mark Fresch says:

    Sam Shorkey! Ottawa represent!!!

  16. papparocket says:

    Somehow YouTube thought it would be a great idea to play an advertisement for Dr. Steven Gundry of "Plant Paradox" infamy before your video here. Not that I am unhappy because Gundry had to pay Google, and hopefully in turn you, some of the ill gotten gains he made off of the gullible rubes who buy his book and then buy hundreds of dollars a month in supplements required to stay healthy on his "perfect" diet. But really, I wonder when the YouTube ad algorithm will be updated with the fact that just because somebody watches food and diet related videos doesn't mean that they are at all going to be interested in ads promoting animal foods if the video it plays in front of is advocating a plant based diet or vegan lifestyle. Perhaps when companies trying to sell vegan products push on them to put their ads in front of more people who might be more interested in their product.

  17. Hey PBN, check out Rodrigo y Gabriela, they are vegans and animal rights activists!!

  18. Brenda Aspey says:

    All these girls are awesome, plant based diet showing everyone that being vegan is a healthy lifestyle, activism at its finest. Well done girls ✌️

  19. Sheesh i'm sick of fat….i'm trying to go vegan….its hard after 49yrs.

  20. Colleen Mary says:

    Note to self: 1.eat more plant based 2. Work out 😉

  21. Marisela says:

    Thank you so much for this video!

  22. Jenn Nelson says:

    This is nice and all but I'm assuming the next video will be some mancandy for all of us dirty ol' vegan ladies…..yes?

  23. Rich Vegan says:

    what are we to make of all this?

  24. Kevin Rubink says:

    And no animals are killed for your food choices!🐾🐾🐾

  25. Matt Smith says:

    I watched Tia on Champs vs Pros….lost my shit when I heard she was vegan and have been in love ever since.

  26. PBN team, you outdo yourself with each video!! I love it so much, I myself see all of those benefits in my body too. Never going back !

  27. Vegan Beaker says:

    I've got abs like these girls and i am 49 years old!! A switch to a whole foods plant based diet and no oil helped me shed all my excess fat around the waist. I don't count calories and eat until I am full. I haven't even exercised for 4 weeks, and didn't put on any weight. It's so easy on a plant based diet.

  28. Nobody says:

    Plastic surgery alert, it's all there in the face.

  29. whyYUbee says:

    Oh gosh! Tia 💚 I love her

  30. Vegan Tina says:

    Great video. I hope they know “a vegan diet” is not a thing. It is a Plant Based Diet OR a Vegan Lifestyle. ✌🏼

  31. Why can't I find a girlfriend that is Vegan and as beutifull of them.

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