WHY I WENT VEGAN – Supermodel Jayde Nicole

Exclusive interview with plant based model Jayde Nicole about health and veganism.

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23 Responses

  1. McDuck says:

    Hey, what do you know! She's not as dumb as she looks!

  2. John Wilson says:

    So, where do these hot vegan girls hang out? I'm whole food plant based. I eat fruits, veggies, grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, etc. I'm fine with a meat-free house. 😀

  3. like the pallette on her wall.. very natural beauty.. just like her… <3

  4. Vegetarian since 4 years old? That's great for someone so young to take a moral/ethical stance so early in life. No wonder she's so successful.

  5. FWRD seven says:

    PETA is in bed with Animal Welfarists
    PETA is sexist
    Not everyone that works for or works with PETA is Vegan
    PETA murders Animals
    PETA is nothing to brag about

  6. 32! Wow I thought she was barely 18. I am celebrating my one year anniversary as a vegan. March 1 2017 IU watched Forks over Knives and never ate another animal or animal product. I immediately lost 35 pounds, stopped high blood pressure and diabetes medication. But I stopped weight loss aT 202. I recently learned why: processed foods. Although I stopped most of it, I was still doing things like pretzels (salt) and breads. I watched many plant based food videos (interviews with plant based doctors) and one with Dr. Alan Goldhammer on fasting. In the past six weeks I dropped to 185. I plan to stop at 170. My BMI was 34 and is now 28. (From obese to overweight).Your information  and enthusiasm is an inspiration.

  7. She looks like an elf 🙂 so pretty!

  8. I must be living in the wrong place because being a vegan guy myself, trying to find a vegan girlfriend is like trying to find a unicorn. Lol

  9. Rolovegan says:

    I was vegetarian for about 6 years before going vegan and always had really bad cystic acne breakouts. Then I went vegan (almost 5 years ago) and haven’t had a breakout since, besides the odd lone pimple here and there from too much oily take-out. That is HUGE. The link between dairy and acne is so strong that it’s crazy that it isn’t common knowledge yet…

  10. Ajit Varsani says:

    All those PETA knockers she turned vegan because of PETA.

  11. marcus24000 says:

    amazing women we need more people like her.
    its funny she mension guys beeing vegan just to get a vegan gf,wel if there are anny women takers am a guy and am vegan so let me know 😛

  12. I'm so thankful she cleaned out her home and went vegan all the way. I truly appreciate Dr Bronners SalSuds as a great all purpose, whole household cleaner, as well as for laundry. It's some of the best plant based laundry detergent out there. Great for dishes, kitchen and bathroom. We need to be WHOLE vegans. What you put on your skin, breathe in, and wear ALL affects animals health, human health, and the health of the environment. 🌱🌱🌱🌱👏 Dr Campbell Plant Based Nation movie, yeah!!!!😄😆

  13. She’s str8 but she ain’t a SUPER model tho

  14. jholmie says:

    what an amazing and eloquent advocate!

  15. Dan Smith says:

    Compassionate and educated! 🌱
    Thank you for sharing this interview. 🙏

  16. She seems very very educated even besides the plantbased diet part.

  17. Rod James says:

    Wonderful video – thank you for sharing. So kind of you to give away the opportunity for the course – that will really help people!

  18. Reb K says:

    Good for her for becoming vegan. But… she's polluting her body wth all that botox! Give me a break. Good for the animals though.

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