ASMR Photoshoot Role Play (Personal Attention To Help You Sleep) | GwenGwiz

• Triggers : Whispers, Soft Speaking, Personal Attention, Tapping, Brushing Your Hair, Doing Your Makeup, Applying Lotion, Crinkling Paper, Fabric Sounds…
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15 Binaural Triggers Guaranteed To Help You Sleep :

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38 Responses

  1. Ok I wanna just chill so with all due respect can you please not wear a bra it just makes me to excited 😂

  2. Dang girl your rocking it like if you agree cause she is rocking every thing 🦄 by the way I love your vidios

  3. Cristina P says:

    How are you bi? You are straight af.

  4. Can I have your phone number

  5. I, dirty minded so I laughed when she said am I rubbing to hard lol 😂

  6. LittyMissy says:

    Love it 😍❤️💕💙

  7. Sarah Holman says:

    … Am I the only one who thought the first bikini looked nicer? :p

  8. I love how you're open about promotions

  9. You kinda look like Anastasia Steele from fifty shades of grey

  10. wal orio says:

    3 seconds of her simply wearing a swimsuit and the chaos happens. jesus…people you need to chill

  11. Only perverts would like the video

  12. She is stupid as Fuck 😂

  13. Jack Stinson says:

    That bra might be red, but my screen is white

  14. I watch this more for the story than the asmr! Lol

  15. Lexi Bee says:

    I probably look so good in those pictures considering the lens was closed 😉

  16. 22:20 bish that camera ain't even on

  17. Mia Paul says:

    I just realised that for the highlighter you used two brushes so it makes more sound.Great video love itttt

  18. Youre hair😍😍 i can always sleep with youre videos♥️

  19. U can see her boogers 😂

  20. Love your nails Gwen so shiny when the light is shining on them!

  21. Click bating works…… sells …….

  22. you looked better wihtout the uplift 😛

  23. Ponyo says:

    Your so pretty omg, your QUEEN

  24. Wonder ASMR says:

    ughh Gwen your voice is soo relaxing !

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